Warning to the boy who broke my soul

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by marquis_de_odde, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. How do you return from hell
    When hell is all you've got left?
    Become a nun?
    A lifestyle which would suit me if I believed in Christ
    Alas I think him no more special than any other man
    If he existed at all
    I don't really care

    Each second my breathe becomes more ragged
    My heart's a frantic metranome
    My eyes scan the pages of existentialism
    It is believable
    In a bizarre and surreal kind of way
    At any rate I wish I could erase
    Everything I've learnt so far

    Bitter venom hits the back of my throat
    Revenge is an act of ego
    And with my plans in the make
    I can't truly be an elightened soul
    But can I betray something I once revered
    For my own petty satisfaction?

    Empathy set the groundwork
    I'm just filling in forgotten holes
    Cruelly cast away as the finished product
    But it's not over
    It won't be
    Until both of us can look objectively
    At the ridiculous montage
    Without feeling denied

    You could never imagine
    How deep this will go
    Know your enemy
    A valuable philosophy
    You foolishly ignored
    When we were allies

    The sun is an object of inspiration
    But all too often a fool forgets
    What is really is beyond the blinding shine
    You will be badly burnt
  2. sylvanlightning

    sylvanlightning Prismatic Essence

    Thank you for sharing this personal poem.

    Namaste *
  3. Digger168

    Digger168 Member

    Men can be incredibly stupid, vain and selfish.

    Those who have no conscience
    lead miserable lives.

    Those who do have,..
    apologise,....and try to change.
  4. SpliffVortex

    SpliffVortex Senior Member

    To Bad the German Airforce did not flatten every church in England.
  5. TundraLotus

    TundraLotus Member

    good words digger. its a generalization, but i feel like women are more advanced that men in a lot of ways, and we can always use to learn a thing or two, by first checking
    ourself at the door when we realize there is something more we're missing.

    it may be numb to approach
    or am i empty?
    the pain, humiliation, suffering,
    as i lived it, regurgitated into peace?

    much like a fungi feeding on the
    litter of decomposition
    the inner carnage he left behind
    in time became a wounded wellspring
    of effervescent livelihood

    a curious sparrow looking for
    spiritual nourishment outside himself
    trusting all with every step
    always ended up returning to a person
    who first fed this fledgling bird
    this sparrow sang a pretty song for its
    provider, and often came with gifts
    but this food was laced with time-lapse delayed poison
    and soon he found a cage was built around him

    this orchestrated cage, made to induce servitude,
    for vile ends, possession for depravity
    soul possession, madness, in a voodoo master's ritual incantation
    no true caring for myself, feeding off my soul, like a parasite
    residing within my inner core
    once i realized and fled that cage
    as no walls could ever really hold my spirit
    but that i had let someone else hold it
    i had lost my song for some time
    and learned some lessions
    and never looked quite the same
    outside, from where the ambrosia were to flow

    to time travel back, inside my mind
    tears can rise, as well an empty indifference, laced with cosmic overtones
    an inner place, reaching beyond the limits of the outer-space
    that sparrow flew and flies..
    shredding any words like a sonic boom
    morphing into a dynamic geometric void of eternity
    phoenix, garuda, thunderbird, ba, and ziz
    i'm unraveled and raw to have travelled the feelings back to there
    and placed them in these words for ye
    i can't continue any more, i feel spent
    but i must thank you

    hold your chin up, your soul can never be broken
    and if it feels disconnected, as it returns
    it brings vieled gifts

    peace be with--
  6. Digger168

    Digger168 Member

    In many ways, men are children.

    I try to keep the postive aspects of my responsibility to this world balanced with the eyes of a child.

    On that note

    Once upon a time


    Once upon a time.........................

    I could stop upon a dime,
    Discern reason from rhyme,
    Stop unwanted crime,
    Vocalize for mute mimes,
    Take the wince out of limes.

    Once upon a time

    When my mind was not astray,
    Where it's frequent led today,
    Not even knowing the way,
    I knew what to say,
    I knew how to play.

    Once upon a time

    When the pauper was a King,
    And the play was the thing,
    And words would ring,
    And visions would sing.

    Once upon a time

    I spoke like a child.

    Just to make you laugh.
  7. tommyboy487

    tommyboy487 Member

    You are both ignorant.
    Of course most men act like children. They are honest, cruel, selfish, and follow their natural urges(somehow looked down upon).
    "Most" women are no better. The are selfish, stubborn, and egoistic in regards to the oposite sex.
    The only difference is men dont go parading around, putting down the opposite sex, and living in an air of complete superiority. Sure men are superior on a more subconscience-like level.... but this....
    is unnecessary.
  8. tommyboy487

    tommyboy487 Member

    and untrue
  9. TundraLotus

    TundraLotus Member

    look at the ways men and woman socialize, starting when they are young. even though its double-faced, women have much more advanced networks and friendships, egalitarian in nature. as well look the nature of friendships today. women tend have more intimate friendships than men tend to have, at least here in the west.

    this is just for western life, and is because we are out of balance. i am not saying men are less capable, just we are less developed right now in many ways. you can learn something from absolutely everyone in this world, and the opposite sex tends to refleck back more contrast, thus we can learn more about ourselves. but you have good position and words too bro. maybe tho u can see where i am coming from.
  10. Digger168

    Digger168 Member

    Thank you for attacking me with your generalizations
  11. TundraLotus

    TundraLotus Member

    any generalizations i make are for ease of communication, but never to group or hurt blindly. its a miscommunication if it came off that way.

    anyways this post is about this dear girls heart and I'm trying to offer a little bit of care to posit on the good of things and not let a guy who 'broke' her soul keep her down too much! id really rather not discuss the battle of the sexes here. so maybe ill delete my old post.

    peace be w/
  12. tommyboy487

    tommyboy487 Member

    great poem...

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