Warning Issued To Gays

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    This is an article from my newspaper this morning, I saw the headline and nearly had a heart attack. My poor little city...

    Warning Issued To Gays
    Police stopped short of saying a serial killer could be targeting gay men but came out Friday with a safety advisory for cruising areas in the HRM.
    By DAN ARSENAULT Crime Reporter

    THE MURDERS of two Halifax-area gay men are so similar that police issued a public warning Friday to try to prevent another.

    "Both victims were gay men who were known to frequent cruising areas in Halifax Regional Municipality," Deputy Chief Chris McNeil of Halifax Regional Police said during a tense news conference at the force’s Gottingen Street
    headquarters late Friday afternoon.

    "We do not know if their sexual orientation or the cruising areas played a factor in their deaths. These circumstances, though, cannot be ruled out as contributing factors.

    "Therefore we are issuing a public advisory for potential safety concerns in cruising areas in HRM."

    The unusual news conference came on the heels of the murders of Michael Paul Knott, 44, of Timberlea and Trevor Charles Brewster, 45, of Cole Harbour. Both men were reported missing before their bodies turned up.

    An ATV rider found the body of Mr. Knott, a former navy cook, last Saturday in a wooded area in Mill Cove, Lunenburg County.

    A man collecting recyclables discovered the body of Mr. Brewster, a waiter, on Wednesday under a boardwalk next to Frenchman Lake in Dartmouth.

    Despite the warning, police wouldn’t speculate that a serial killer is targeting gay men.

    "At this point, we can’t make that conclusion," Deputy Chief McNeil said. "What I’ve said is that we have sufficient information that has caused us, in the interests of public safety, to make this advisory."

    Chief Supt. Tom Bennett of Nova Scotia RCMP said the Mounties were joining forces with regional police to work on the case. He said they may seek help from an outside expert in criminal pathology.

    Some leads have been coming in from the public, Chief Supt. Bennett said, and investigators will check with other police forces to see if they have any similar cases on the books.

    Deputy Chief McNeil said officers don’t yet know if Mr. Knott and Mr. Brewster knew each other. He wouldn’t say how the men died or if they were killed where their bodies were found. Nor would he say if Mr. Knott was known to cruise in the Frenchman Lake area where Mr. Brewster’s body was found.
    He said investigators will pore over Internet dating sites looking for clues and will increase patrols in the city’s cruising sites, which he refused to name.

    Last summer, regional police stepped up patrols in two cruising areas, Frenchman Lake and Seaview Park in Halifax, after hearing numerous complaints of indecency.

    By Friday morning, police had finished collecting evidence from the Frenchman Lake crime scene. Eleven circles were drawn in bright yellow marker on the boardwalk directly above where Mr. Brewster’s body was found. Some of the circles surrounded what looked like blood spatters.

    Police have yet to find Mr. Brewster’s car, a black 2004 two-door Honda Civic. Investigators distributed photos of the car Friday, as well as a logo of its distinctive bumper sticker — a rainbow-striped teddy bear that symbolizes attraction to hairy men referred to as bears.

    Immediate family members of both victims have so far declined to speak to reporters.

    Craig Roy, 32, of Halifax knew Mr. Brewster as a friend of a friend for years and called him a personable, outgoing man with a contagious smile that lit up a room.

    "What happened to him should not have happened," Mr. Roy said. "I don’t believe this has taken place."

    He is inclined to believe the theory that a serial killer is targeting gay men.
    "That’s how it looks," he said.

    Mr. Roy said he didn’t know that Mr. Brewster went to gay cruising spots, as police are saying.

    "I don’t know anything about gay cruising areas, nor did I ever think that Trevor would end up there. Trevor’s not that kind of a person."

    Considering that Mr. Brewster’s body was found at Frenchman Lake, he said: "There’s a story there that no one knows."
    "Obviously, this murder was premeditated."

    Ross Taylor, assistant manager at Reflections, a downtown Halifax gay bar, also thought cruising areas were not Mr. Brewster’s style.

    "It’s just way out of character for him to do the cruising-area thing," Mr.

    Taylor said. "Trevor is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet."

    He did say Mr. Brewster was a regular in gay bars.

    A former shipmate of Mr. Knott’s on HMCS Toronto said he didn’t think Mr. Knott was gay.

    "Not while I knew him. I don’t think it’s true," said the man, who lives in Ontario and didn’t want his name published.

    He said Mr. Knott did two tours in the Persian Gulf and eventually left the military for medical reasons related to the second trip.

    "He was an excellent cook, a good friend," the man said.

    He said Mr. Knott is originally from Port aux Basques, N.L., and leaves behind a wife and two children.

    A late April shooting death in a Saint John, N.B., park frequented by gay men briefly ignited fears of attacks against homosexuals in that city, but police later said the killing didn’t appear to be a hate crime. A 29-year-old man was charged with second-degree murder in the death of Kevin Ronald Brooks, 20. Police said the two men had known each other for a few weeks.

    Chief Supt. Bennett said police have ruled out any connection between that killing and the two Halifax-area murders.
    ( darsenault@herald.ca)

    UPDATE: They arrested a murder suspect way the fuck down in Texas near the Mexico border. I guess he killed another man in upstate NY as well. He graduated from and played football for the same high school I attended. He graduated in 1999, a year before my sister. I'm just like... shit. Fuckin fuck fuck.
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    (Mouth hanging open in shock)

    Geez, that is just... unreal.

    You all out there in that area take care of yourselves, okay? That's really creepy! Just stay safe...
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    i know, it's really scary, seeing as there aren't that many murders in this city in general.
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    The world is full of Sickies.Look out for yourselves.It's a shame the world can be a cold cruel place.
    Everyone take care,.
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    ickies? what the hell are you talking about? you're the ones going around getting fucked in the ass, or... Vice Versa.
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    I updated with new happenings on the story, check out the origional post please.
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    I hope the man caught was the killer, and that he will be contained and no longer terrorize others. I would be interested in learning more about him, and how his homophobia developed to the point of his transformation into a killer. I wonder how many others are at that stage right now.

    I think homophobia and racism are issues that must be addressed early in life, during young adolescence. High school is far too late to begin discussions on the subject, though later is better than never at all.

    In one of the classes I subbed for a student made one of those fortune teller things out of paper and my fortune was "you will marry a man". I said "No, that isn't true, but there is nothing wrong about someone who would" and a few kids spoke up with "ARE YOU SERIOUS? EW, THAT IS WRONG!"

    THAT IS WRONG seems to be a common attitude concerning homosexuality. Let's hope we can break the chain for the majority of this generation before we have to endure this mentality for years and years to come.

    How do we though? How do we effectively combat bigotry without compromising free speech?
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    Apparantly the man, Mr. Race, had untreated schizophrenia and psychosis. Though he was often seen "playing football with his younger brother as a child". So, what the fuck does that have to do with anything? I honestly don't even know what to think about this whole thing...

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    what the human race does is try and find ways that someone isn't normal, so if someones a killer lets search and search for a mental illness in their history, then everyone without one can rest safely knowing they would never end up being a killer.
    the fact that the majority of people with mental illness (one in four of us in the UK) aren't going to go out on a rampage and are just like anyone else completely passes the public by, now they have brought schizophrenia into this this will be the end of the beginning to this story and again mental illness will be stigmatised

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