Want To Start Barefooting, In Middle School.

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  1. So, I have always been wanting to start going barefoot, but I have never been able too. I have tried taking off my shoes in school, but I have been told not to every time. Other than the obvious "You are going to slip, you are going to get a cut etc." bullcrap, apparently, according to my gym teacher, "there is a strict rule that says you must wear shoes at all times", but I check the student handbook, and there is no such rule. Even at recess, (which she runs) she has lectured me. It could be because she just doesn't like me, and that seems like it. I love barefooting, but I just don't know how to get around these non-existant rules of society that weight down our backs. I will attempt to wear DIY barefoot socks that I made by cutting the soles, toes, and the middle out at lunch/recess. They are black so I don't think they will cause much attention from my gym teacher. But until then, how do I get around this? It's just sad that people are still not realizing the benifits of a barefoot lifestyle.

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    Basically, until you go to college, you'll have to be very creative about how you can slip in some barefoot hours. What I used to do is wear sandals to school (when the weather permitted), and slip them off at recess, and was always in an area well away from teachers, and I'd slip them off in class as well, and would walk around classrooms barefoot. Same in high school. Until you get to college, barefoot is easily oppressed.
  3. if there isnt a legit rule in the book, then they cant give you a legit punishment. any "detentions" you get from them are null and void due to them not having the rule stated inside a rulebook. THERE FOR talk to your parents. if they are okay with it then just dont go. if you have THEIR support then they will back you up if the school tries to give you any crap about it. sometiems teachers pull crap like this because its their beliefs. so basically my guess is the gym teacher isnt saying no to make sure you follow the rules, but really she's being biassed because she probably doesnt like people without shoes. im not saying this is definately the case, as she might just be ensuring safety, or is unaware there is no rule. hope this helps. keep us updated
  4. well it also depends on the teachers. some will be either cool about it or just not even care.
  5. I will post back tommorow and the day after. One day, I'll try the socks, and the next day the sandal method. I'll try again, but I tried wearing sandals, and she has talked to me about it. Hopefully all goes well.

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    again, you just have to be very creative. Find ways to nonchalantly go barefoot, and try not to call too much attention to yourself, and try to avoid letting the oppressors notice you. But I should clarify that I wore actual close-toed sandals, not flip flops. I just kept them loose enough I could easily slip them on or off. I never looked good in flip flops, and the noise they make is soooooo irritating to me.

    Btw, I now wonder about that sock method, can you show or tell me exactly how you did that? It might be a way for me to extend my time barefoot each year, since bare feet don't go with all my outfits. If I can do your soleless sock thing, I might be able to go barefoot longer. But it wasn't exactly clear how you do it in your post. What was meant by cutting out the toes and the middle?
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    Here's what a librarian once told me : well , Shoeless Joe .... if you have a cut on your foot and then you step in some very ill
    barefooter's blood that's been on the Library's floor for less than 5 minutes you could get AIDS !
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    A long time ago, someone on this forum actually took a pair of low cut Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers and cut out the soles so that you can actually be barefoot and yet your feet stay covered at the same time. I'm not sure how that worked, maybe someone here knows more about this......

    I can understand the rule of wearing shoes at all times (administrators can be a pain), but on the other hand, does your student handbook say anything about wearing flip flops or sandals? Do you see any fellow students wearing them by any chance? I found a pair of barefoot sandals online that look pretty much like regular Teva's yet your soles stay in contract with the ground.
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    So when you injury your foot in school, don't sue the school for your own stupidity.
  10. When I was in boarding school there was actually a health code that dictated what type of sandals you were allowed to wear. It may be a thing for schools for all I know. But you couldn't wear sandals that didn't have a backstrap. I just googled this and apparently it's not uncommon; at least there was one other person saying something about this. So can you wear flip flops to school, or is there a rule that says "no flip flops"? :)
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    The rules for soft feet do not apply to the warrior of peace .
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    Well, if you can't barefoot at school, just enjoy it in your free time. It is better outside anyway.
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    that's really not barefoot though. it's like putting on a dress and saying you're naked because there's no bottom.

    to me, the point of barefooting isn't sneaking past somebody to get your soles to touch the ground. it's about not having to bother with putting anything on your feet when it's more comfortable to not put anything on your feet.
  14. Well, the sock method wasn't a good idea at all. As soon as I started walking, the holes caused a rip, and I had to throw them away. And after I took them off and walked to the garbage, the gym teacher had her usual daily fit. Hopefully tommorow is a better day, the weather was pretty bad.
  15. No, they are not flip flops. I just cut out the bottom, like soleless shoes. I just left a little piece on top and on the bottom, so nobody would really notice. Also, so they wouldn't fall of.
  16. No, they are not flip flops. I just cut out the bottom, like soleless shoes. I just left a little piece on top and on the bottom, so nobody would really notice. Also, so they wouldn't fall of.
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    Yes, I know that is not really barefoot, nor would I do that. I was just offering an idea on how to keep your soles bare yet fool school administrators, if that could be done.... :unsure:
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    I am all for the barefoot lifestyle and am a libertarian. But I would never think of going barefoot on a school property.

    Someone mentioned you could get aids...ok that is a stretch but I know kids I went to school with and there was no short display of disgusting behavior and broken glass.
    I would save it for a walk in the woods or if you are in a nicer area than me...the walk home.
  19. May I point out a law in New Jersey, in which I reside. I'm not sure if I can use this to help me with my case, (I am not doing this to be religious...) but maybe I can.
    You never know.
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