Wanna spend a week in ENGLAND with a total stranger?

Discussion in 'Find-A-Ride' started by tablespoon, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. tablespoon

    tablespoon Member

    Hola everyone!
    I'm an 18-year-old guy who wants to do something different - something crazy. I want to spend a whole week in England (or in just London) and experience it with an (almost) total stranger.
    I have a friend who did this last summer (in France) and she said it was the best thing she's ever done! It was such a unique experience...

    I believe life is way too short and I don't want to find myself being 30 yrs old thinking "damn, why didn't I do that thing when I was younger? I'm way too old now...".

    So is anyone up for it? Anyone available in June, 2005?
  2. ImmortalDissident

    ImmortalDissident Senior Member

    I'll be free, and let me tell you I want to get out and explore. Tell me more about your plans. ...and are you sure you just want to do it for a week? Come on. Doesn't three months sound much more enticing? haha

  3. tablespoon

    tablespoon Member

    If anybody's serious, please drop a private message to me here at hipforums

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