Wanna intrepret my dream?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Akula, Jan 20, 2005.

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    It just means the indian will rape then you. That is why he is in your house. That is why you are scared and are running away. The number from agility and speed ect. just means that you cannot match up to his numbers from his profile. The profile also explains he is on this site. Watching you right now. He will blindfold you, then all you see is darkness, and then that picture appears. You wish you were in her position. You die.
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    Hi LotusBlossom

    well now this is not an interpretation so much but a thought I wanted to share when reading the response you got by Akula.

    As we all sit here plugged into the internet sometimes we might forget what is real, and what is but a mind game that requires its own emotional realities, drawn, inspired or manipulated by the mind altering substances of fears, drama, and vanities all of our own.

    But what is real then, beyond the emotional waves, and breath that touches and goes with the fleeting dreams of life ... and how do you find out.

    You are the observer, and are the spectacle. You are all parts of the dream, as you are the creator of it all. And in all this you are but the reflection of your own deeper answer. Where will it take you.

    Imagine a place inside yourself to tap into like a sacred site that opens, changes and heals you so that you become who you truly are, and none else will keep you from doing so.

    Ok now I hope this helps you on nevertheless. Thank you for sharing !

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