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Discussion in 'Living Naked and Free: An Introduction to Nudism a' started by Rubber tramp, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. Rubber tramp

    Rubber tramp Members

    Hi I’m a wanna be nudist but don’t really know how to go about it, aside from stripping naked and walking down the street.
  2. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i think that might be illegal in most places. i'm not a nudist, but i suspect it's best to start at home, and around close friends, and maybe try out a nude beach or resort. not sure what else to do from there, but it seems like a logical place to start.
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  3. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    That would do it...

    The police will supply you with orange coveralls when they pick you up.
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  4. Barry Thrift

    Barry Thrift Members

    Easy, Go to a naturist beach and take your cloths off, its as easy as that, or take your cloths off at home and do anything you like but naked, that's how you become a naturist, you may find a beach a bit scary at first, but your be ok I did it that way in Cornwall at Treen beach you get 6 hours each tide on there, Treen is down the sharp end near Porthcurno its nice down there tends to be a mixed beach textiles as well.
  5. More power to you. Being naked begins at home, the more you do it the more it feels natural and you begin to forget you are naked. A beach is a good place to start as you can keep to yourself if you want and ease into it staying clothed the first few times until you are ready. You may feel pressure at a naturist club to undress before you are comfortable doing so and the socialising may be too much for you. Only you know what you are ready for but definitely do not just walk down the street. I dream about it being acceptable in my lifetime but for now it will likely get you in trouble with the law unfortunately.
  6. Angelic one

    Angelic one Visitor

    Start by tanning outside in your backyard nude or do some gardening nude.
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  7. mefesh

    mefesh Members

    Gud luck with that
  8. Barry Thrift

    Barry Thrift Members

    If your like me your love it outside naked, my best days here in Greece is outside in the sun which is something I do most days once the weather gets nice and hot, but you can get naked even in January, yes we do get days like that here up in the 30c and the next day it pours with rain, but its great place to be naked, as long as your neighbors aren't looking, roll on the summer long hot days and swimming in my pool naked, sex in the pool is great for you.
  9. Lego Batman

    Lego Batman Scissors paper rocks HipForums Supporter

    me too but I was molded with clothes
  10. Barry Thrift

    Barry Thrift Members

    That's not being a naturist.
  11. Barry Thrift

    Barry Thrift Members

    A naturust would use a rust proofer and a naturist would use a oil on his/her skin. the difference between a nudist and a naturist is the way its spelt, but it means the same except if your buying a magazine you could end with one full of birds of the feathered variety, instead of tits of the flesh variety.
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  12. Barry Thrift

    Barry Thrift Members

    Its called control over your body, you just have to put it all out of your mind and act as though like a normal man would, and its no good masturbating before you go, it does not help.

    And yes you can enjoy the view other wise you would not be the man, you kind of just have to put it to the back of you mind the sexual side of you mind that is, as they say there are times you have to, the best thing for you is to drape a towel over your arm so it covers your dick, or just go and jump in the sea when you fill an erection coming on or just start running, you cant have an erection running.
  13. Barry Thrift

    Barry Thrift Members

    So do I but I'm getting there, mines from having a pulmonary embolism, what's your reason apart from being a female and can close your legs when ever you want? Its fun when it works right.

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