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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by paix, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. paix

    paix Senior Member

    ok, so I'm not a parent, but a teacher looking for input.

    I'm a assistant teacher in pre-school right now, and will be certified to teach in a private pre-school by the end of this coming semester. I was think about ending it there, and just teaching pre-school, but a few people have told me they thought I should look into teaching at a waldorf school.

    If I did it, I would focus in early childhood, since that's the age I like best, but before I commit to spending 2 more years in school, I wanted to know if any of you parents had any opinions or information on waldorf schools. Have you had any expieriences, good or bad, with them?

    any info is much apreciated, I have looked at thier web site and will soon be calling for an information packet, but I wanted first hand information if at all possible.

    Thank you all, blessings :)
  2. busmama

    busmama go away

    Hi Molly, Waldorf schools are really good I think. We wanted to put Al in one but decided to homeschool because it was too far away!!!! You would be an excellent teacher, I know you have the patince for it.
  3. Applespark

    Applespark Ingredients:*Sugar*

    I dont have info for teachers but we have a waldorf school in our neighborhood and I would love my son to go there it s just...too expensive
  4. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    Applespark~have you looked into scholarships? our local waldorf school has a sliding scale for people who qualify.

    There are a lot of things that i absolutely love about waldorf, and a few things that i have reservations with, but all in all, it's the best alternative around here, and as long as he doesnt hate it (and i dont see that he would), my child will be going to a waldorf school. :D
  5. paix

    paix Senior Member

    thanks for your replies guys :)

    Busmama, thank you for your confidence in my abilities, it means so much to me!

    nimh, what are your reservations? I'd really like to find out everyhting I can before I spend the money on school to teach there, cause it's gonna take a miracle AND financial aid for me to afford it as it is, lol.
  6. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    i think that the biggest reservation that i have about waldorf is that it's based on the theories and philosophies of a man who's been dead for a long time. there's a considerable amount of Steiner dogma attached to anthroposophy. if you want the negative side of waldorf, check out http://www.waldorfcritics.org/ Of course, all waldorf schools are going to be slightly different from one another. The waldorf school here has open houses from time to time and also has community events that are open to the public, i'd really suggest checking out a school in your area to see how it is up close and in person. :D
  7. pink floyd

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    I went to a Waldorf school for preschool and kindergarten. I loved it.. I remember it being a very enriching and homey environment to learn and grow up in. The teachers really seemed to care about every one of us. I have always wished that I would've stuck with Waldorf schools throughout life. My cousins were raised in Waldorf schools and I know they wouldn't trade it for the world.

    It probably depends on the school, though. I know there are some really good ones in PA and OH.. Hope this helps :)
  8. it is my understanding that a waldorf teacher sticks with the same class from K-highschool? ??? or maybe just 8th grade?

    I dig the waldorf method for the most part - dont consider myself a total expert on it yet though
  9. There is a super need for waldorf teachers these days too.
  10. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    here, a teacher stays with the same class 'family' for several years. the kindercottage teacher only teaches kindercottage, and the high school is in a different town. i think the way that they do it here is that the children are with the same teacher for grades 1,2,3 and then there's another teacher for 4,5,6 and another for 7,8. i'm not sure i have that exactly right, it's one of the things i want to ask about.

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