VW bus or the camper?

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by rayne_lyric, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. rayne_lyric

    rayne_lyric Member

    I have a dillemma... I can get either a regular VW bus OR I can get an old camper. I think I am gonna go witht he straight up bus... But what are your all's opinions? Not that I am asking you to tell me what to do, I would just like to hear what you all would choose and why.
  2. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    can we have pics of the ones youre looking at in particular?

    it matters on the individual car...
  3. Orsino2

    Orsino2 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I'm the proud owner of a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado Z71... four door. :D Love it. It just needs step bars and a bug shield, right now.
  4. Zepp

    Zepp Member

    dude get the camper version!!!
  5. Orsino2

    Orsino2 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I'd like to get a camper shell... they're nice for going down to the Carolinas and fishing on the beach... you can lay in the camper shell and sleep, with the door thing open.
  6. rayne_lyric

    rayne_lyric Member

    Well, I don't have particular photos but the camper is a 71 (It needs a lot of body work done to it) and the bus I may get is also an older model, I am thinking aruond a 72... but beffinately older than a 74. It is in decent condition, but of course costs more being in better shape. However, less money will be speant getting it back in tip top shape and as far as I know it runs.

    Like I said I don't have the pics, but that may give a better idea. My parents are going to buy the camper van if I don't, and restore it because my dad has an auto body shop and they want to restore it (like, completely origional) and take it to car shows and stuff. If I buy another bus for personal use, I could actually have access to both, should I choose to take the camper camping. But I don't go camping enough to seem to justify losing the extra space that is replaced with icebox/sink, table, bed and such. But I don't know what condition the bus is in, so I may have to search for another one if it is too bad off, but the outside looks like it is in good shape.
  7. bbbeccaaa

    bbbeccaaa 12345678910

    oh wow how fun.

    i'd get the camper, you can use it for road trips and sleeping:D
  8. Night_Owl49

    Night_Owl49 Since 2006

    god damn, how many miles are on them?

    and i pick the camper.
  9. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    you might want to look at the engine moreso than the body... :)
  10. sila

    sila Member

    Bet they both guzzle gas. Choose which ever is more fuel efficient
  11. mushie18

    mushie18 Intergalactic

    i would go with the camper.

    party on the road :p
  12. rayne_lyric

    rayne_lyric Member

    Well, as far as the engine goes, they are more simple than about any other engine, so they could easilly be rebuilt, unlike another vehicle who's engines have a lot of electronics and sensors on them. Buses don't even have radiaters, they are air cooled (until like, the 80's that is). But the camper's engine is from a Super Beetle, so more power than a standard bus engine. Actually, the guy is selling two Super Beetle engines with it. The camper has been sitting for 10 years, but it is noted that it WILL be a hell of a project, and the inside is in REALLY good condition.

    Buses are actually well known and renowned for getting VERY good, like CRAZY good Gas milage. To my understanding, somewhere close to 30 MPG, which is about what my 94 Grand Am gets now. The only thing is that they lack in the power/high speed/pick up department, and most have a manuel tranny. This would be a big adjustment for me, since I am used to driving, exclusively, a 2 door car that is an automatic and a 6 cylender.

    I think I have actually pretty much decided on the actual plain bus though... because it has more room. I am going to remove the 2nd/middle seat so I only have the rear one (which to my understanding makes out into a bed) and the front bucket seats. The middle will most likely house the likes of my stuff I feel like taking with me (maybe hook up some house speakers I have to it... and get some kick ass sound). Also, it'd be nice to rig it up so I could hook my guitar amp up in it and rock in parking lots and such.

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