vote to legalize marijuana in ohio

Discussion in 'Ohio' started by hillbillyhippy, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. Bud D

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    It doesn't seem to have enough support, to make the ballot. I would think Ohio will have medical, before any three plant laws for non med users.
  2. I just think cannabis should be taxed and legalised everywhere...
  3. amen

    wish I could vote for the decisions that my government is making about my future
  4. this was not on the November '13 ballot, was the bill killed or are they still thrashing things out ?
    It is however a glimmer of hope, the recent changes in Washington and Colorado will be a model for the rest of the country to follow
  5. djbeepbeep

    djbeepbeep Guest the OMCA and NORML,and get it done!
  6. AceK

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    I think marijuana will be legalized for recreational use on a federal level definitely in my lifetime. I hope I am not wrong.
  7. Not sure if this is the Responsible Ohio initiative but there is NO WAY I would vote for this and you should not either.

    This DOES NOT legalize marijuana in Ohio, it simply legalizes the creation of a State sponsored Drug Cartel consisting of 10 grow farms.

    Only THEY would be allowed to grow legally and they will control EVERYTHING. The players in the cartel are well know to be shady businessmen, and they want to change the Ohio constitution to protect their cartel from anyone else every competing with them.

    People see "legalize pot" and they will go vote for this.

    DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS AMENDMENT! Wait until Ohio has a true legalization initiative as in other states.

    Recent news - NORML chapter kicked out their President who was advocating for "Responsible" Ohio, that should tell you something. NORML does NOT support this initiative.
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