virgo girlies... I need your advice

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by romaniack, Jan 7, 2005.

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    so like man I have known this girl since I was 14 and I fell in love with this little virgo hunny... and apparently that mr. fish (pisces) is a good match for miss virgo... anywhooo. Before I was kind of a jock and really a big boy almost 275... we were like best friends and she never wanted to take it any further... She went with my best friend for a while but that did not work out... now she is back in my life all of a sudden. we ran into eachother in college... I am quite different... I actually became a drug addict (not gonna get to much into that detail now) and made quite an impressive recovery... I dont do drugs anymore just smoke a lot of weed. I know she says it doesnt bother her... but in reality im sure it does... anyway... I have lost almost 100 pounds... I have long hair (premature dreads) she looks as beautifull as ever... she likes mind games a lot... she seems really into me... but yet before she seemed into me... I just dont know... maybe i Just have some kind of insecurities... I really like her so virgo girls gimme your advice... How did the water man you love win you over?./.. I know there isnt enough info for you guys to tell me anything about this girll... but I wanna know about the virgo in her... I cooked her dinner already and we had kind of a romantic date... although Some other friends were there, we really focused our attention on eachother...

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