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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by moonflower04, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. moonflower04

    moonflower04 Member

    i was just watching meet your meat on you tube and after i gathered myself up i clicked on a different video check it out
    watch this first;
    now watch this
  2. moonflower04

    moonflower04 Member

  3. moonflower04

    moonflower04 Member

  4. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    Ha. I like it :)

    Thanks for sharing.
  5. MoonDoggie

    MoonDoggie Member

    I think you meant mutant meat?
    Yeah, I get weirded out by pork and red meat. Looks like cut up humans if you think about it....Haven't had it since October or so.
    Poultry on the otherhand, I have to work on that. Feel feel to show anti-poulty vids, I need it!
  6. moonflower04

    moonflower04 Member

  7. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    Subject says it all, if all you have is a link, post it here so folks can find them easily.
    PLEASE identify the type of video:
    graphic, informational-non graphic, etc.
  8. MoonDoggie

    MoonDoggie Member

    Oh cool, now it's all linked together (Took me a second to figure out what changed)
  9. Cool. . .

    Don't say that to a misanthrope. Many of us would be more comfortable with cannibalism than with standard carnivorism, and find that line funny. :p
  10. MoonDoggie

    MoonDoggie Member

    Well, Jeffrey Dahmer said human meat tastes dandy if spiced right. :D

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