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Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by m1k3y, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. m1k3y

    m1k3y Member

    is taking 3 vicodin es (7.5/750mg) safe
  2. Geni+Doc

    Geni+Doc Member

    I take Vicodin and if you are have been on Narcoties It is safe if not Start with a smaller dose. It wont hurt you if you have taken that many and are worried. Just drink some coffie or soda with caffieen.
  3. op8.member

    op8.member Member

    It's safe unless you have an empty stomach and weigh less than about 120 pounds. You should have some food and some water or other beverage to prevent it from hurting your stomach and making you sick. A half a glass of water half of a small sandwich will be sufficient.

    The more food, the lesser the rush, but the longer the duration. You'll start feeling it after around a half hour to an hour.

    Half a sandwich. Half a glass of water.

    P.S. It'll make your face itch.
    P.P.S. Be very patient with other people when you're coming down.
    P.P.P.S. This Guy Who I Don't Even Know is doing 4 500s after he hits Submit Reply just cause you little bastard got him itchin. But thanks actually.
  4. boomslang

    boomslang Member

    Don't take more than 4. 750mg x 4 of tylenol is a little toxic to the liver. No more than 4000mg in a day is recommended. But at the same time, 3000mg at one time should be toxic. I myself would only take it as prescribed but that's me... I can get some Oxycontin to get high so... and that doesn't have any tylenol in it. Find some Oxy if you want to get a buzz from opiates
  5. op8.member

    op8.member Member

    Hey, m1ck3y,

    Tell us how it went.
  6. op8.member

    op8.member Member

    Oops, I posted it twice, and I don't know how to delete my posts.

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