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    This was a very strange dream, and i rarely have strange dreams. I remember quite a bit of it. I dreamt i was with my brother and we were at something like my father's funeral. However my father's body had some dust on it, and it appeared like it was not in one piece, like the limbs were not connected to the rest of the body. his body was dressed in dark gray-black in a coffin. It appears as only me and my brother are in the room. my father's dead body seems to move in pieces, in a reflexive fashion. I distinctly remember that someone says that the dead body is still having movement, and that, although dead, the head can even repeat words that you say. it's like when you cut a serpent's head and it still moves. It was quite vivid and i remember telling everyone that it's ok, it's just reflexive behaviour of the dead body.

    It was a very vivid dream, not a scary one, until i woke up. The issue is that my father is alive and in good health, i dunno why i would ever dream of him dead. As for the rest of the dream, i can easily point out the reasons: 1) my brother is getting married soon, 2) I am doing some neuroscience program where i 've heard all sorts of weird things about the human brain and nervous system . It was a vivid experience i just wanted to share, and get rid of, as i find it quite disturbing.
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    This should account for most of it but there two dream symbols which you will have to decode when they happen:


    dust on the body.

    (You can look up death meaning on the net. Most would say that it means a marriage. Most people cannot directly dream of their parents, and your brother most probably represents the father figure. (Whenever I dreamed of fighting with my brother I knew that I would soon be fighting with a boss.))

    Dust on the body could mean past sins, pecadillos, bad habits, etc. Or it might signal illness (which is usually associated with red blood), but I doubt it.

    You'll just have to wait and see what happens in the real world and make the association to this dream.
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    No big deal, as long as you don't start seeing shit like that while you're awake.
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    I had a strange ass dream couple weeks ago, i buried my friend alive with her 5 month old baby. I buried them under my house and i was trying to hide their screams from my sister and dad. Thats was a pretty messed up dream to say the least!!!

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