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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Taylor, Jun 5, 2004.

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    I had a dream last night in which I was trying to get to my best friend's house who I haven't seen in 4 months because I'm overseas and I miss very much. I was walking down a very long main road in the town we both live in and I came to a big junction with a sports field in the middle of it which I had to walk across. I couldn't cross the road however cos there were a bunch of people - who for some reason seemed very unattractive to me - standing in the way. They were arguing among themselves and not paying any attention to me.

    The next thing I know, I look down at my left hand and my middle finger has had the top joint or so cut off it. It's just not there - it had been cut off somehow. So I looked around, saw the end, picked it up and put it back on my finger. It wasn't hurting it was just kinda odd.

    Somehow, I ended up with that group trying to take me to someone who could look after me but even though I could see the hospital and we were right there next to it cos its on the same long road, we didn't go into the emergency department. Parts of the hospital appeared wrecked and decrepit or under construction. Then I looked down at my finger again and it was starting to heal on its own, the end was starting to attatch itself again even though I wasn't anywhere nearer to my friend's house and I hadn't gone to the hospital.

    thats my dream. What the HELL?

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    Hi Tamsyn, here is an idea hopefully not to odd.

    It is like in dream you know better anyway - that all you need is to trust into your own abilities to heal, and do it. And this way be less distracted by whatever seems to stand in your way to call your attention and the emotions too ... but be at peace within yourself, and know this is all part of just being creative. You turn the world round and round while you are changing on ... but even as it changes on and on all it is reflecting is the light of your own inner truth and there is nothing really missing, not even a finger top. It is like you are under construction all the time anyway but at the same time, you are complete.

    And so you are coming home inside yourself and to your own healing places all the time, no matter how far or how close ... home does change, too. But then to be home is but going with the changes.

    Thank you for sharing your dream!

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