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Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by farmgirlneedsfarm, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Hi I have a family and we need a place to go to be together. My husband and I both grew up in northwest Montana and have traveled all over the states to try to find a place to be. We are experienced farmers with cattle,horses,irrigation,crops ,construction and mechanics. We want to live far out away from the city. I have never lived in a city and never will. I grew up all organic and try to do the same with my children. We have 3 children us and my parents who are disabled. We have been working on farms and ranches and are currently in KY. We moved here from Nevada for a job on a farm and its not a farm at all they changed the story on us when we got here and will not let us bring my parents down. We feel we could be a good addition to a farming type situation. We do not mind hard work as long as we can live peacefully. We do own horses and dogs that we are not willing to part with if any one has any ideas for me please let me know we are very open to ideas at this point.
  2. bluesafire

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    there's not a single period in there anywhere is there? :eek:
  3. sorry is that better
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    much. :D
  5. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    how would disabled parents be a good addition to a farm??

    i mean,, in your other thread you said,
    seems to me that them coming is nothing but a hindrance to the productivity of the farm as you would be devoting time to "taking care of them" rather than care taking the farm.

    also,the amount of resources you,your brood,your hayburners(wasnt it 6?),and dogs as well as your folks would consume on a working farm would be almost impossible for you and your hubby to compensate for with labor.

    while i realize your hubby has a cdl,and must work,its obviously not enough cash for yall to manage to get a place of your own and provide for everything ya need. might i suggest starting with getting rid of the hay burners . maybe then you could afford a piece of land of your own.
    because quite frankly i dont see any clear headed individuals being able to justify yall coming to their farm..

    good luck to ya...
  6. We do have income other than what my husband makes.The only reason we have not been able to buy a farm is past credit from previous marriages.As far as my parents go they only need help a couple hours a day and they care for the children making it possible for me to work.
  7. kinulpture

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    i kinda tend to agree. it sounds like a whole lotta extre doins.
  8. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    this is dilli.... may i suggest to you looking on agriculture related sites where they are likely to have farms the size of which would actually be more able to take on what it is you all are looking for... There are many sites out there specifivally catered to fitting farms with families and work situations.

    I am from a large dairy farm before i move down here. we at that time milked 650 head. Now they milk 2400 and i can assure you there is no way that even they as a farm of that size would take on all that you are hoping for... It is simply not feasible for most farms.

    I would suggest looking for ranches and large ones to accommodate you and the family or be more willing to compromise and get rid of some of that overhead yall have...

    I also have to ask how the hell you moved to a place then found out after that they werent what they said they were? Please dont tell me you moved there sight unseen . If you did, that is a major mistake on your part and might i add the farms part too...They probably didnt understand what all they had taken on.

    Now from a community type of aspect, 7 humans, untold number of dogs and 6 horses is ridiculous to ask of any community . To expect to get a community to take you all on is going to be a battle. That is simply too many resources that yall would need. WE have taken families in here before and yes we are a small homestead but there is no way we can take that amount of bodies on again. It isnt fair to anyone to do so...

    Again look to big boards that are related to what you seek. have you ever looked into the govt programs to pair young families up with farms that ol buggers own but want to keep in business. More often than not they are lease to own, rent to own or slow take over as time goes by and you actually prove yourselves to take on that task... You may have much more luck through there but again dont get your hopes up . You flat out said your credit is crap so that again is going to limit your options. If you keep having to move then you maybe should reevaluate just what it is you are asking of people and why it keeps on happening as you said you have been doing this for some time.
  9. sorry but I wasn't looking for someone who would want to support my family. I guess I put this in the wrong place or worded it wrong.I was just looking for someone who has some land they are not using. That they would rent or sell where could plant some crops and gardens. So I guess this is the wrong place tp post it sorry to have upset you all so much.
  10. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    aint upset me a bit...
    yup i guess you worded it quite wrong. You said you were looking to be a part of a situation, no where in the post did it say rent or purchase...

    truth hurts sorry
    . If all you are doing is looking for acreage to rent, wouldnt a simple google search provide answers... :rolleyes:

    you posted this in atleast 3 separate places on hippie forums...seemed much more like a plea for a safe haven than anything else...

    on another note. If this is how you tend to always communicate, no wonder you all have such problems with finding a home.
  11. cookiecache

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    I think it's a great time to be looking for land to buy. Since you have income, perhaps you could find a farm or ranch that is in financial distress and would welcome your help - help them catch-up on payments for a long term lease. Owner financing is an other option.

    Many people are losing their farms and homes. You have an income, so I think you can find someone that needs your help. Rather than presenting your situation as needing help, offer to help others.
  12. Thank you cookie that's exactly what I was looking for ideas! I have been watching craigs list and other sites and calling and E-mailing people. Does any one know of some other sites like craigs list that I might try?
  13. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    no,dont bother using google..:rolleyes:

    Farms for rent, farmsforrent,

    Horse Farms For Lease Best Sell Lease

    Horse farms for sale, horse farms for rent or lease

    NCDA&CS Ag Review Classifieds (Look under "Farmland for Sale")

    Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (Scroll to the bottom of their homepage and join the ASAP listserv, which from time to time will advertise available farm opportunities in the North Carolina mountains)

    GrowingSmallFarms (This listserv serves the area of Chatham and surrounding counties and is at times a source for available land, internships, and other opportunities)

    Lease Farm Property Best Sell Lease

    if that yields no result try actually googling "farm for rent", and "farm for lease"

    geeze,i really dont see how anyone that cant even do their own friggin research could possibly manage a homestead..

    want me to go through all the listings and narrow your search down for you as well??:rolleyes:
  14. kinulpture

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    ya may wanna try Mother earth news.
  15. kinulpture

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  16. cookiecache

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    I think searching craigslist and such are pretty much a waste of your time. Yes, you COULD find land this way, but I think it is very unlikely. Most people that live on farms are proud people that are embarrassed about their problems, and I really doubt they will tell the whole town by posting an ad requesting help.

    I think your best bet is to check delinquent tax records. Perhaps post a notice offering your help at a local farmers coop. Try the same thing at the local shop that sells and repairs farm equipment. Are you children old enough to join 4H? Search out the people you can help, and offer your help in a way that allows people to retain their pride.
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    Have you ever thought about house sitting or caretaking?!

    There are people out there that have ranches /farms and acres of land that need to be taken care of while they are away, some people looking for just a few months, some looking for couples who are available for years, you can negotiate on the payment, some people are willing to pay if they need alot of work done and some just provide you with their accomodation as payment. Many people are open to having couple bring their childrens etc...

    Check out : States
  18. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    she wouldnt even do a google search when we suggested it,i doubt shes gonna sit down and search tax records..

    this whole thing looks like another case of wanting something for nothing.. no matter how its being spun.
  19. I have done Google searches Thank You. I am looking at the sites You posted now.Our power went back out.We are in the middle of the ice storm that just happened so I have been kinda busy fixing fences and clearing branches.The power goes in and out.If it seems like I'm not paying attention.Even though I want to move it does not mean I should neglect the things that need done here so there will be days I'm not online!
  20. kinulpture great sites I got a ton of leads off of there I cant call untill husband gets home but I made a list and there are a lot of ones that could work I love those shopper sites I check the locale ones but that weekly one is a great one Thanks

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