Version City Podcast with Victor Ruggiero of the Slackers

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    VERSION CITY PODCAST Episode 3 "Version City History" hosted by King Django and Steady Rocker with special guest Victor Ruggiero of the Slackers

    1. Version City Time - Westbound Train - Searching for a Melody (Megalith/Stubborn)
    2. Sugar - Version City Rollers - Version City Sessions (Asian Man/Stubborn)
    3. SNEAK PREVIEW - Shopping for More - Sic & Mad - Songs for the Revolution (Stubborn)
    4. Shtiklakh - King Django - Roots & Culture (Stubborn)
    5. Cocaine - Victor Ruggiero - Version City (Stubborn)
    6. Damage - Victor Rice - Version City (Stubborn)
    7. Boss Deejay - Rocker T & Version City Rockers - Nicer by the Hour (Stubborn)
    8. Straight to Hell - Skinnerbox - Demonstration (Triple Crown/Stubborn)
    9. Patience - Victor Rice - at Version City (Stubborn)
    10. Motel Room - Victor Ruggiero - Version City (Stubborn)

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