Vegetarianism in the French-speaking World

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by Rabblerouser, Jan 17, 2009.

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    Does anyone here know much about how vegetarian-friendly countries in the French-speaking world are? I have been studying French, and am looking into the possibility of studying for a year in a French-speaking country. I am mainly interested in either Belgium (Wallonia) or Switzerland (Romandie). Which of the two countries is more vegetarian-friendly? I don't eat any meat at all, but I do eat dairy products and eggs.
  2. I know little myself, and I'm a French major. I do remember my professor from the Congo mention that the in the local economy meat is an expensive luxury so they have lots of peanut butter recipies. I've been bugging her for recipies, with no luck. If I remember, I'll have to ask my profs.

    But Europe seems to be ahead of the trends in just about everything, and vegetarian diets are rather popular. So: <<Est-ce qu'il y a quelque chose pour les vegetariennes?>>

    Goddess, I hope that I spelled that right. I don't have my dictionary on me, and I'm a bad speller in two languages.

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