Vegetarian nightmares?

Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by Neonate, Feb 1, 2005.

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    so i've been a vegetarian for half a year now and its one of the best things i've ever done in my life :) I feel much better and I cant anymore imagine myself going back to eating meat (makes me sick...) and lately i've been having these nightmares about eating meat. Many times i've had nightmares where I go to mcdonalds or I cook meat and I eat it and feel sick and after i've eaten it I feel really bad and I just feel like puking (and my thoughts usually are "oh my god...i've eaten meat...) Then I usually wake up and I feel relieved that it only was a nightmare :) Anyone else here have nightmares about eating meat? What could this mean? Is my brain just used to eating meat that now that im not eating it anymore my brain makes me see nightmares about it?
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    i had a dream a few months back that aliens had decided to abduct all the vegetarians and vegans on the planet because they thought of meat eaters as unpure. so to save me my family forced me to eat a piece of steak. i remember crying and crying in the dream and then going and hiding because i ate meat. all my veggie friends had been taken by the aliens. maybe i should have fought it, maybe life with the aliens would have been better ,meatless.:H

    i think the only reason i dreamed that was because people are always trying to talk me into eating meat. people assume that not eating meat is unhealthy. after all i've read, eating meat is the WORST thing someone can do to there body besides talking hard drugs. i feel 110% better NOT eating meat. i hardly get headaches now and i'm no longer anemic.
    maybe you just need to read more, reseach more. then you'll feel better, stronger in your decision not to eat animals.
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    I had dreams like that too the first 6 months I was vegetarian. I don't have them anymore though.

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