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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by jendi17, May 26, 2004.

  1. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    In my English class we had to read a book called The Rifle. And we had a class discussion about it and then we got onto the topic of gun control and then hunting. And, me, being a vegetarian was very against this. I said that there is no need to hunt animals, and there is nothing in animals that you need, its basically just fat. You can live solely off plants. And my class is full of redneck-ish hunter people, and they're like Well, if you took away hunting then how about we take away your hobbies like..drawing or whatever you do. I got so heated about this! These people are insanely stupid. And then I said isn't it a bit freaky that you like to hang animal heads up on your wall, and they're like its like a trophy, you want to show your skill. I was about to jump out of my chair and scream at them the benefits of being vegetarian. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. If anybody else has experienced something like this Please Post!
  2. babovic_sonja

    babovic_sonja Member

    It's the same anywhere in the world, it seems, rednecks or no rednecks.

    It's the whole male masculinity/ego thing... to them, being able to shoot an animal is a sign that they're big and tough. Hell, I had the same thing happen to me today...

    I was hanging out at the park with a couple of male friends... and, all of a sudden, they see this guy with a slingshot, shoot this flying bird down. They were like, holy shit, that guy's talented, and immediately rushed to see him and the bird etc. etc... I just stood there, disgusted and saddened... well... at least they were a little considerate, I mean, they stopped gushing on about how great the guy was when they realised (out loud) that I'm not so happy about the poor little bird, being vegetarian.

    *mumblegruntcurse* boys will always be boys, won't they...
  3. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    lol. This person that I was arguing with was a girl though! She's like a fierce hunter type chick. she's like yeah, I shot a coyote and 8 deer or whatever, i'm thinking no one fucking cares.
  4. veg-0-matic

    veg-0-matic Member

    It angered me too for a while, being a vegetarian for years now. But.... man is really at the top of the food chain, and be glad you weren't around 200 years ago, not eating meat wouldn't of really been an option for you, and you may of hunted too.
    there is also a big difference between hunting and poaching. Most responsible hunters respect the environment, and always take everything they kill, and either consume most of it, or give it away (have hunter friends who take their "stuff" to local homeless shelters.) A real hunter has a wealth of knowledge about their enviroment, supports environmental organizations, and also feels they have a duty (which they do) to keep the natural balance in check. Many states sponsor controlled kills, (which sounds barbaric), of exploding populations of animals because of the loss of natural predators, due to historical overhunting, and more likely, the loss of habitat due to man's insatiable need for MORE... whether it be land, or natural resources. It is much more cruel to let animals die a slow painful death from starvation then to bring them back into the food chain, which is the way of the earth.
    We also have to understand that being vegetarian is a choice, not a necessity for most of us, and that being a hunter is their choice. It is our duty as informed individuals to both understand and educate our community about the benifits of kind living, and, in turn, to understand their lifestyle too.
    Don't get angry at these people, just try to think they are helping the environment too, but if you suspect poaching, do not hesitate to contact your local department of natural resources....!!!!
  5. jendi17

    jendi17 Member

    Thanks. But, I know some kids in school who just go out and kill animals because they enjoy it and get a thrill. They don't collect what they hunted and eat it. I can see if you are going out to eat the animals but its different if you're just killing them for fun. I dont see how anyone could have fun doing that.
  6. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    I can totally relate.

    Oh but they do care. You care, I care, everyone who truly loves and respects animals cares.


  7. peacegal

    peacegal Member

    I would suggest checking out these websites for good arguments against modern hunting practices:
    Factsheets from Fund for Animals
    Deer Article from Animal People News
    Q & A Position Paper on Hunting
    Full Reports from Fund for Animals

    Don't expect the diehards to be convinced, no matter how much you argue. But, being well-armed with information to support your beliefs will help you be more respected by those around you, and may inspire a few folks who are "on the fence" to more seriously consider your position. I know what it's like to live in an area like that. Just become as well-informed as you can, and good luck to you.
  8. drew172

    drew172 Senior Member

    i fucking cant stand it when people are proud of makes me wanna beat them to the ground and start strangling them until they realise that they just stole the life away from another being with thoughts, feelings, instincts just like tthem......i know this sounds a little over the top but i was listening to Classical Gas when i read this and it got me really worked up...i just dont understand the raw desire to slaughter one other being on the planet like they do.....just for the fun of it
  9. stranger

    stranger Member

    i bet lots of vegetarians feel this way at first, its a good sign though, a sign your growing a passion and thats fantastic, not many people have passion today unfortunatley. but you will probably grow out of your frustration, or at least grow out of flaunting your what have yous and learn some humility and how to be humble.dont get me wrong at all, i totttttttally understand where you guys are coming from and it drives me up the wall to see some of the shit i do, but youll probably see worse shit in your lifetime eventually and hopefully learn something from it i guess. there is some cruel and really ugly shit out there for sure, whether we see it or not its happening all the time... and someone needs to remind us about i think, and remind us we ARE very much apart of it. that was what abbie hoffman was all about, he saw wrong and he spoke out about it, whatever the fuck it was.. now is he the bad guy who talks about pigs being castrated without painkillers or any medication, or is the factory farmers the bad guys? its a tricky question i guess... but no ones interested in that shit, thats just a fact of life that most heads just dont dig on that kind of stuff and their so conditioned to just drone all the veg info right out with their repressed guilt or whatever... and your a rare soul if you do, and thats great for you, really is, to be passionate about seeking truth is a beautiful thing in my opinion.

    but i used to be absolutley terrible about it and i think a lot of people were when they first discover the whole shindig.. met a vegan once who used to call french frys deathsticks because they were fried in meat fat. she turned out to be a very very cool chick though, probably one of the coolest vegans i have met. but now that ive just accepted things for the most part and sordove grew into it a little more, life becomes so much easier. its like losing a really really heavy weight because the truth is, the world is full of meat eaters and fucked up shit but you have to just do what you can and pick whats most important and know when to utilize and spread that knowledge. some weight is good, but it can get to be too much and you dont use it properly and just let it drag you down. when your weighted down, your not keeping a broad perspective, and a broad perspective is essential to turning people on. you have to LISTEN to them, not to the facts you already know and rightfully expect them to know, you have to focus on the best method to convey those facts or what you percieve to be very factual and try to plant a little passion or caring within another souls life, and that, is a very beautiful thing. an example though, sometimes eating meat ISNT wrong, and a lot of peta fucks will tell you that you cant be a meat eating environmentalist and thats not true at all. whatever happened to organic free range environmentally responsible meat? sure its rare, but its POSSIBLE, and thats what i mean about keeping a broad perspective. dont turn into a peta veg-bot, those are not real pretty things, your totally right on about veganism for the most part, but think for yourself and use common sense. if i can turn someone onto organic meat instead of the shit they have been eating, then i will feel i have at least accomplished something. sometimes it is totally proper to discuss the many benefits of veganism and try and lay that trip on someone, and sometimes its just best to shut the fuck up and let other people talk up their ass and waste time and toot their own horn like they love to do. i have to learn to listen better, i love love love to talk and it seems like i know so much more and these people should just shutup and listen to me, but i guess thats not gonna happen and i just have to really utilize the few opprotunities i do have to speak and plant some seeds that will grow into something good since not many heads these days are heads of very strong intellect or real open mindedness.

    its an art sordove, takes practice. think of it this way, if you lay vegetarianism on your class, chances are they wont understand and you wont go into details and they wont really understand it.. but if you lay it on an individual, youll be much more calm and focused on that one person and your presentation will be that much more effective... you can deal with all of their concerns and questions and just really work with that person to really turn them on y'know? then once youve turned one person on, youve learned what worked and what didnt, and you know how to turn the next person you work with on that much easier and much of turning a person onto this stuff is simple psychology, it has nothing to do with facts or the reality of factory farming... its how you play this persons mind, which is why going around calling french frys death sticks isnt a very smart method, and totally counterproductive to your cause. thats what that one chick taught me, and i already knew it to an extent but she really just brought me fully into the psychology game instead of the half peta bot half psych game i guess.. like i said its an art and it really takes practice and a lot of paying attention. she taught me to listen to others voices instead of just my own which can be difficult, but we would ALL benefit from trying to do a little more of that i think. and its better have one person go totally vegan and love it than a class of half assed veg-heads who probly wont make it a few months on their new food, or maybe its not, who knows, it all depends, just try to use your head ..and the animals and earth and a bunch of other shit will be that much better off for it eventually.
  10. drew172

    drew172 Senior Member

    thanks for posting that up. its true that we dont see as much passion as they used to show

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