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Discussion in 'Vegetarian' started by Raisin Doobie, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Raisin Doobie

    Raisin Doobie Member

    okay. i've been vegetarian for 5 years, vegan for 1.

    lately (past month), i've been feeling weak. like i need food all the time, or something. i never feel like i'm getting what i need. i simply cannot go back to eating meat, so is there something wrong with my diet? would a blood test suffice to check the levels of nutrients in my blood?

    what are some foods that all vegans should eat to keep their nutrient levels proper? any suggestions on some good, filling vegan meals?

  2. Feeling tired, weak, or run down is a symptom of practically everything. It could mean you are not getting enough of a certain nutrient or it could mean you have not been getting enough sleep or enough exercise. If you are eating a varied, balanced diet you should be ok, unless you have problems absorbing something. Here is a good guideline for what you should be eating:
  3. Raisin Doobie

    Raisin Doobie Member

    thanks for the link!

    i'm well aware that it could probably be any number of things that are making me feel this way. i'll get my blood checked soon, but there are no worries about me giving up my veganism or anything drastic like that =p
  4. dharmadrums

    dharmadrums Member

    Are you getting enough calories? You can have a hi-cal vegan diet or a pretty low cal one depending on what kinds of things you are eating. It's not uncommon for vegans to not get enough calories to support their body's needs.

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