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  1. I need to share my experience, not with the actual VaporGenie, but the company itself.

    I am feeling the hurt of the economy right now as I am sure many of you are. I have been looking for a way to save bud, but I also need portability. Naturally I turned to the VaporGenie because I have heard so many great things.

    I received $100 in credit to as a Christmas gift this year, and I occasionally see the VaporGenie listed on there, but somebody always beats me to purchasing it. It doesn't make much sense for me to spend my "real" money on the VaporGenie when I have $100 at Amazon, so for the last few weeks I have been patiently waiting for Amazon to get another VaporGenie so I can hopefully snag it before somebody else does. I have not had any luck though.

    So yesterday I contacted the folks at VaporGenie in an act of desperation and I asked them if they would accept my Amazon credit as a way to purchase their product. Naturally I was almost positive that I would be declined because, well, I frankly would not want to take an online store credit as a method of payment either.

    Well, very shortly after I e-mailed them I had a response. They understood my situation and they were very sympathetic. They actually accepted my Amazon credit as a method of payment and I am now expecting my VaporGenie to be on it's way to me in a couple of days.

    NEVER have I ever been treated so well by a company. To accept Amazon store credit as a personal favor to me meant so much because I just can't spend the $55 on a pipe when I have other priorities to take care of.

    When I receive my VaporGenie I will be posting a very thorough review, as well as a video of the VaporGenie in use from start to finish of a bowl. Once again, thank you so much VaporGenie. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and I will certainly spread the word about how excellent your customer service is. You have my business for life.
  2. jaren420

    jaren420 Member

    thats a very good story. i wish all companies were that nice. ive always wanted to try a vaporizer but havent been able to yet. but untill the price comes down a bit ill stick with my bong. .. unless its fucking amazing then i might buy one with my next check
  3. DandysTree

    DandysTree Member

    thats word, definitely post a review, i think we are all a little interested in owning a vapo
  4. Rheepublic

    Rheepublic Member

    That's actually really nice of them. Good for them. That's how you get word of mouth advertisement. :)
  5. I definately recommend getting a vaporizer. The BF and his friend bought one months ago, and we use it all the time. There is a smell, but it's not strong at all and can be hidden by incense or febreeze. The high is different, but definately amazing! It also has a strange taste to it, but not bad at all. I find it very convenient in the very cold weather my lovely city is enduring :( It is very expensive, but you do actually save on your pot because you don't use as much and it last's longer. Definately worth the money! Tell me how you like it once you receive it! :D
  6. Definately. I also own a HotBox which I bought off craigslist for $20. I will never sell that thing. It hits like a champ!
  7. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    Wow, that is nice of them. Nice to see people not being The Man.

    My friend has a vapor genie, in fact it's in my possession right now to help him quit, it's quite a solid piece of marijuana paraphrenelia.
  8. that's why i love to vape, because it hits hard, but it's not harsh at all. I always wait to feel a tickle in the back of my throat and i know i'm good.

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