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    I just got back from Vancouver. Lovely area. Lots of mountain
    hiking and whatnot nearby.
    The pot scene is undeveloped. I went to several coffeehouses
    the best of which was New Amsterdam. Blunt Brothers had burned
    down last month so I missed that. New Amsterdam was running
    on a genrator due to a fire of their own. Some wierd arson thing
    going on. None of these places sell weed but in the steep park
    there on West Hastings you can buy all you want fairly easily.
    But buyer beware. You must insist to smell and inspect before
    purchase or you'll end up with dirt weed, chinese parsley or
    seaweed. Most of the vendors appeared to be junkies making
    a few bucks. When you insist on inspection they always say
    they'll be back in a minute or so and come back with the good
    stuff. So, all they carry is crap, be careful. I only saw one kind
    of good weed that they were calling BC bud. It compares to
    White Widow in Amsterdam. It was good but that was it.
    I love the mountains but until they get the setup a little
    more like Amsterdam, I can't recommend it. I didn't like dealing
    with sleasy junkies trying to cheat me. I think the whole thing
    will be safer and promote greater variety if they decriminilize.
    I hope that happens. Oh and Gastown is crap. Fake cobble
    stones, fake steam clock and over priced food. I did both
    suspension bridges (do the free one) and that was fun.
    The ferry to Vancouver Island is lots of fun and the mountains.
    I love montains. Great hiking. Work on the coffeehouses and
    I'll be back. Good seed sales but you can get that on the web.
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    Isn't it that u can carry and smoke 14.9 grams and the cops can't do anything about it, in Vancouver? Is it just in Vancouver that u can do that? or is all over canada? because i'm looking at colleges there...Are there any good colleges in Canada? where the students are chill and academics are good?

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    theres a good amount of quality colleges and universitys in Canada. Most of the colleges up there are relatively cheap and if you get residence up there, it is wicked cheap compared to state side colleges. one of my h.s. english teachers went to McGill University. She said it was a good choice for her. Some advice tho, just try to find places that fit your needs and would be a cool place to stay at for 2 semesters. You don't want to be at a place you do not want to be. And if you decide you don't like the place you chose, there is always the possibility of transferring. Good luck with your search.

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