Vaginal pain during intercourse

Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by sapphireelephanteyes, May 15, 2013.

  1. Hello, I know this is a topic that gets discussed a LOT but I still haven't found an answer. Every site I've looked at brings up STD's, UTI/yeast infections, or just to simply use more lube. I'm 18 years old and cannot go to a Gyno, I've asked my mom to take me but she won't (IDK why she always just makes up an excuse and she doesn't know I'm having sex and there is NO way I could tell her). I've been having sex about a year now, I've only been with my boyfriend and he's only been with me so I know I don't have an STD. I have gotten UTI's and yeast infections however I take cranberry supplements and pro-biotics so I don't get them anymore. Plus I think it was the soap I was using and so I started using dove sensitive skin soap and no yeast infections now. Almost every time we have sex it's painful but I just put up with it because at the time I want to but then when it's over I'm always like ow why did I do that? Doesn't matter how much foreplay or lube either. And I do get turned on and I do enjoy it and have orgasms and everything but the pain makes it hard to enjoy a lot of the time. I was reading about where your muscles can tighten down if you have had trauma and I was sexually abused as a child on a few different occasions but it doesn't bother me anymore, It's not always on my mind and I don't have panic attacks when my boyfriend touches me or anything like other people who have that issue describe. I feel very safe with him and I just don't know what it could be. Sorry I know that was kind of long and thanks for reading. c:
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    sound like you have some clap. possibly from the sexual abuse.. go to the hospital asap..
  3. But wouldn't my boyfriend have symptoms too? Since I started birth control we haven't used condoms and he's fine. Plus I wasn't raped it was molestation.
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    because some STD are Asymptomatic/ a patient is a carrier for a disease or infection but experiences no symptoms.
  5. Errr why not, you dont need your mum
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    at your age, you should be getting regular pelvic exams regardless of whether or not you're having sex... cervical cancer and all of that.

    really, you just need to see a doctor about it, there isn't much a bunch of pervs and stoners on the internet can do for you.

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