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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by SilverClover14, Jun 5, 2006.

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    So, the idea of vaccinations now scare the crap out of me after being on this site and seeing what some of you have to say. For college, there are several required immunizations which I have not recieved. Besides the time constraints making it impossible for me to get them all (I have less than a month and a half to get all of the shots while in reality it will take longer due to multiple rounds and not being able to make such a quick doctor's appointment), I am also now very against immunizations.

    However, Massachusetts does not make exemptions for philosophical reasons- only religious or medical. Is there anything I can do? Because seriously, I am now so panicked that it's been giving me panic attacks at the prospect.
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  4. barefoot_kirstyn

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    I have a similar question....i'm also in canada so I don't think that that link will help me.
    I need to have an updated immuntization schedual for universtiy when I go to be a nurse....which I don't have.....I have no clue what to do, either.
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    so fill out the religious exemption form. They can't legally ask you for the particulars of your religious beliefs.

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