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    Lets analyse this verse from the Yoga Vasistha, which is a part of the Ramayana, a sacred and important scripture of the Hindus ...

    Vasishta to Prince Rama.

    Yoga Vasishta Ramayan (II-18) says:
    Though human in origin, an exposition of truth is to be accepted; otherwise even what is regarded as divine revelation is to be rejected. Even a young boy's words are to be accepted if they are words of wisdom; else reject it like straw even if uttered by Brahma the creator."

    Here we find the sage vashista exhorting us to reject that which is irrational and illogical , even if it comes from the divine itself, and to accept that which is rational and logical, even if it comes from a young boy.

    And I believe this great teaching of the sage Vasishta , is very important for this world, which is plagued in religious fundamentalism and religious wars, which has created great bloodshed and suffering on earth.

    As Voltaire himself said , "As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities. "
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    Thinking of objects, attachment to them is formed in a man. From attachment desire, and when desire is obstructed anger grows. From anger comes delusion, and from delusion loss of memory . From loss of memory comes the ruin of discrimination, and from the ruin of discrimination he perishes.

    --- Krishna
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    When vice assumes the aspects of virtue and virtue itself wholly seems as vice, and virtue, again, appears in its native form, they that are learned should discriminate it by means of their reason.

    --- Mahabharatha
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    The gods first deprive that man of his reason unto whom they send defeat and disgrace.
    -- Mahabharatha
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