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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by somedude, Jun 1, 2006.

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    My job is either super busy, or I spend 7 hours on the internet. Sometimes I get really bored, so I walk around and mingle. Like today, in 3.5 hours my day has consisted of talking to co-workers about salvia and the perverts on Dateline, looking at hipforums, looking at wave forecasts and realizing there will be waves Saturday morning, talking to my brother and my wife on the phone, and spending a total of ten minutes doing actual work which was simply scanning some photos. Now I'll probably go get lunch and sit in Bryant Park or on the library steps and get some sun. But then, when I am prepared to leave, something will come up and I'll be here until after 7. I guess it's work karma.
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    I can't access the internet at work, just link to our company's website and the product search thinger

    no internet for me
    just as well, I'd get too easily distracted by it
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    There Would be No Time to Go Online...

    Even if There was a Computer to Access...

    Which There Isn't...
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    I have the same deal as the original poster. I can easily get 7 hours in about 2-3 days out of the week. I never do because that would be way too boring. I know I've had enough when I find myself in like the Bare-it forum or something which I have no connection to. And talking to co-workers is exciting for about 5 seconds. It either sports teams, TV, movies or something else which I have no interest in. And by the way, if you're close to Bryant Park and the library, we must be pretty close. I'm on Madison between 43-44. Where are you? Oh and by the way, I also live in Brooklyn...wierd.

    I wonder if this is someone at my work??? I hope not as I just kind of insulted them :&

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