Using Pot To Save Brains!

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    MMJ Ingredient Prevents Brain Damage in Mice
    CN By Geoffrey Mohan May 31, 2013 Los Angeles Times

    Israel -- The words “marijuana” and “brain damage” usually go in that order in medical literature. An Israeli researchers has flipped them around, finding that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, may arrest some forms of brain damage in mice. The loco weed already is favored by those who suffer from chronic diseases, not to mention fans of Cypress Hill, Bob Marley and the Grateful Dead. But pharmacologist Josef Sarne of Tel Aviv University found that a minuscule amount of tetrahydrocannabinol may protect the brain after injuries from seizures, toxic drug exposure or a lack of oxygen. Read More...

    Medical marijuana ingredient prevents brain damage in mice
    Marijuana can help prevent brain damage
    The Times of India2013-05-31
    Low doses of marijuana component
    can help prevent brain damage

    Newstrack India2013-05-31
    Low doses of marijuana component
    can protect brain against injury

    Low amounts of THC
    may curb brain injury: Study

    Toronto Sun2013-05-30
    Cognitive damage halted by THC (Photos)
    The Examiner2013-05-31
    Marijuana halts brain damage
    The Times of India2013-06-01
    Brain makes its own version of Valium,
    researchers find


    Israel researching cannabis
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    Toke-A-Day May Keep Old Memory Functioning
    The more research they do, the more evidence Ohio State University scientists find that specific elements of marijuana can be good for the aging brain by reducing inflammation there and possibly even stimulating the formation of new brain cells.

    Cannabis Shrinks Tumors: Government Knew in 74
    The DEA quickly shut down the Virginia study and all further cannabis/tumor research...

    Ganjawar Prevents Brain Tumor Treatment


    The Hype: Brain Damage in Dead Monkeys
    When U.S. government sponsored marijuana research prior to 1976 indicated that pot was harmless or beneficial, the methodology of how the studies were done was always presented in detail in the reports; e.g., read "The Therapeutic Potential of Marijuana" (1976) and you will see exactly what the methodology of each medical study was.

    However, when our government bureaucrats deliberately sponsored negative marijuana research time and time again Playboy magazine and/or NORML, High times, etc. had to sue under the new Freedom of Information Act to find out the actual methods employed.

    In 1974, California Governor Ronald Reagan was asked about decriminalizing marijuana. After producing the Heath/Tulane University study, the so-called "Great Communicator" told the national press, "The most reliable scientific sources say permanent brain damage is one of the inevitable results of the use of marijuana." (L.A. Times.)

    The Heath "Voodoo" Research methodology, as reported in Playboy: Rhesus monkeys were strapped into a chair and then strapped into gas masks and given the equivalent of 63 Colombian strength joints in "five minutes, thru the gas masks" losing no smoke. The monkeys were suffocating!


    76 Percent of Doctors Would Approve Med Marijuana
    The survey included responses from 1,446 doctors from 72 different countries and 56 different states and provinces in North America. In addition, 118 doctors posted comments about their decision on the survey.

    Only The PotHeads Will Survive


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