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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by StoneyCrustyBabe, Jan 10, 2005.

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    I really am getting tired
    Of this flavor of the week routine
    I question how much longer
    I can put my heart up to be
    Hired out by these men
    Yes while I am there with them
    I am present
    Forget so completely in those moments
    How good last weeks flavor tasted
    Pretend that all that time was not wasted
    Because I would not be led here to the newest
    Without the latest
    In some way rejecting or being rejected by me

    So I present myself
    Over and over and over
    Play the players, the nice boys,
    And every kind in between
    Because I refuse to be seen
    In the light they want to see
    I don't play mommy well
    Hell instead
    I spread my legs
    Because I like sex
    Wait, lets be perfectly honest
    I really, really love sex
    Yes, Yes, YES!

    You could say I'm easy
    Maybe even sleazy
    Torn up driven crazy
    By emotions I refuse to acknowledge
    Because I can't stop
    Fucking these men
    All of them beautiful
    Handsome creations
    And I love them all

    But what happens now
    This latest flavor
    I really like where he begins
    And where I end
    And oh shit, I'm getting too close
    I want to run
    Hide, just be away
    Because I am afraid
    Of screwing this up
    Fucking it and twisting it
    And ruining it

    I internalize all of this
    Because, because, because
    All my excuses
    The no waits, buts, and pleases
    Add up here
    Formulaic recipe for disaster
    Math doesn't work for the either

    I know I manifest
    The no boyfriend rule
    I fear that old man reality
    Not that I can't love
    That One Love is real
    I am ruling my own destiny here
    Forgetting all my fear
    Of reciprocation or unreciprocation
    Pieces of me falling off edges
    Slipping over lost ideals of relationship.


    Dialing numbers
    Randomly finding
    American androids
    Robotically filling
    Their time and space continuum
    With consumption related activities
    National demographics
    Prove the patriotic obsession with
    Being entertained
    Tragedy dawning and
    Nobody can seem to
    Own their own entertainment process
    Day in
    Day out
    They suckle at the teat
    Of black boxes
    Flashing Big Brother images
    Between insipid, mind numbing
    Life stealing (or is it living)
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    I Like Your Style!
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    0 powerful... but so sad and disturbing... Is anyone at peace in the world? It moved me

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