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    I was just making eyebrow and hair appointments, and all this shit is becoming too expensive for me atm.

    So what do you ladies go get done, and what do you do yourself?

    I'm talking nails, waxing, facials, eyebrows and so on and so on.

    I think we had a thread like this before (in RT most likely), but I am too lazy to do a search.
  2. SpacemanSpiff

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  3. morrow

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    I have my hair done about every 6 weeks, colour. Trim and a treatment, that's it, the rest I do myself! I prefare it that way tbh, my nails get complements all the time. And everything else is fine by me!
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  4. Meliai

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    I don't have dehabilitating social anxiety or anything, but for some reason it does flare up when I have a beauty appointment haha.

    so for that reason I usually just stick to getting my hair cut twice a year. My hair is pretty healthy so I don't really bother with trims in between.

    I don't color my hair very often, maybe once every couple of years I'll get some highlights in the salon but I never maintain them. and occasionally I'll color my own hair or get my sister to do balayage - she's quite good considering she learned from youtube videos.

    I do my own eyebrows but I've been wanting to get them professionally shaped and tinted.

    I hate long nails so I just keep them short
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    I used to go more often, but these days I find salons a hassle.

    I got my hair done yesterday, and my eyebrows. I finally found a hair salon, totally professional, no chatting, no gossiping, no small talk, and massage chairs.
    Hair-wise, I don't think I'll be doign anything for moooonths now.
    Eyebrows - well, threading is the one thing I can't and don't want to give up xD

    I am not a fan of long nails either.
    And I like nudes and naturals the best.
    Essie has some great ones - ballet slippers, limo scene, sand tropez...
  6. Moonglow181

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    After going to too many people who did not understand what I wanted them to do with my hair for a cut and shape...i finally found one person, who got it right away about 6 years ago...so all I do for upkeep is go to her every six months or so...just for a cut....I don't even let her blow dry me out...as I am a wash and go kind of girl...everything else I do myself..nails....I don't do anything to my eyebrows.
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    I do most everything by myself except my hair (though, I did cut my own bangs when I was like 10. That was an adventure) unless I have the time and money to pamper myself.

    But usually, I handle my own nails and face...and waxing? Ha! I get a man's razor with the three blades, a glass of wine and hop in the tub. Waxing is a luxury I can't afford.
  8. DizzleBean

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    I persoanally don't really do any up keep... I go out looking like a hobo most of the time. Once in a while Ill get my hair done (cut and color ) just for a nice change. But only once a year if that. I know a lot of people who do there own waxing (Eyebrows, Lip, Bikini, Legs, etc.) .. I dont do wax. The only true Up keep I do (if you want to count this) is shaving. I consider it part of my shower/bathing process, not so much as up keep. That's about it for me. Yep.
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    I'm blind in one eye.
    When I pluck my eyebrows, it looks like:

    ^^^^^^ --------)

    Not a great look. So I trade a massage for a trio of eyebrow waxings.

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