Untitled romantic terror.

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    You hear the creak of the old wooden stairs, the musty smell in the air,
    You clutch my hand tightly, on the back of your neck stands your hair.

    No one knows what will come of this, but we're willing to dare the stars themselves to come and stop us tonight.

    Together at last, after so long a time
    A sigh of relief, your hand still in mine

    We traverse the steps of the derelict home in hopes of spending a final night together. Nothing will get in our way.

    Entering the wooden build, we make our way inside
    I let free your hand, and keep close watch, into a room you slide

    Together, alone, desires so strong, we can barely contain our excitement tonight. This 'eve shall be one which I will never forget.

    You whisper that you love me, I smile and agree
    With all the things we've had and lost, but here again are we

    Clutching one another, the enactment is at hand. Soon you feel the jab, in the midst of the heat. A sharp cold, and I do not stop.

    I will not.

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