untitled... kinda lame

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by cometogether_22, May 16, 2007.

  1. Lover holding lover
    Touching bodies, tasting skin
    Falling into one another
    Falling into a friend you know so well

    It's more then just a lustful dream
    More a passionate couples dance

    He supports every bit of your body
    You smell every scent of his skin
    Your's buried deep within him, falling into him
    He knows you too well

    eh idk its rough ..i wrote it last night when i couldnt sleep in like 5 minutes so its a pretty lame one.
  2. hey man. i think it's pretty cool. i like the way you describe that feeling you get when your with a person you love.
  3. thank you that means a lot to me =)

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