Unkle Jesus' Special Holiday Eggnog

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    This is a recipe for Unkle Jesus' Special Holiday Eggnog. It is sure to cheer up your dreary holiday get-togethers, or at the very least get you trashed in front of your family. I know that the holidays are a few months away, but if you are like me you will want to practice making this drink now so that by the time the holidays come around you will be able to mix and drink it perfectly.

    Here is what you need for Unkle Jesus' Special Holiday Eggnog:

    Ice Cubes
    Drinking Vessel

    Step 1: Put a few ice cubes in the drinking vessel.
    Step 2: Pour bourbon into the drinking vessel.
    Step 3: Drink.
    Step 4: Repeat as neccesary.

    There you have it. Please don't drink and drive, it could be my stumbling ass you run over and I would be pissed.

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