Universal Countdown

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Anishacariya, Apr 19, 2007.

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    Well, i was really thinking: ''should i post it or not?!''
    So here it is, one of my few poems. Tell me what's on your mind after reading it.
    I am Portuguese so there could be some errors in my English, i'll be glad if you correct them! Many thanks!

    Universal Countdown

    Seven larks sing this night
    They praise upon the altar of light
    Seven ancient stones spread glee
    And in our knees we cling thee

    Six muses dance in a blue grass meadow
    Their golden curly hairs shine at sunset
    Six cuddle themselves and vanish in hollow
    Leaving with us scriptures from a profet

    Five trees croon on their wild grove
    Feelings express thoughts of madness
    Five centuries marked by their thickness
    Made us realize death is life's reprove

    Four Gods died yesterday
    Another one today
    Do you feel the emptyness grow?
    I didn't think so

    Three shaman fell into a slumber
    And the forest spoke for Mother
    Three words fade to visions
    Anarchy, Caos and no reasons

    Two shiny stars fell from the sky
    One struck me
    The other went free
    I kept wandering to die

    One is all we are
    And all that we may become
    You, me, they...
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    I like it alot! :)

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