United Nations, Holy See And The Doctrine Of Discovery

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    [SIZE=12.8px]by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer[/SIZE]

    The International Organization for Self-Determination and Equality recently posted a blog post titled, United Nations Declares The Holy See legally Responsible and Accountable To Indigenous Peoples For Effects and Legacy Of Racist Colonial Bulls And Doctrines. The post presents a press release about the Apache-Ndé-Nneé Working Group Shadow Report / UN CERD 88th Session: Review of the Holy See.

    A statement in the Shadow Report reads: The Holy See’s Inter Caetera not only blessed policies and practices of colonialism that caused what is expressed by Indigenous Peoples themselves as genocide, cultural genocide, and generations of suffering, slavery and loss, but it also put policies and practices into action, such as, but not limited to, through its own missionaries and missions, churches and subsequent schools, that operated and continue to operate in alliance with Kingdoms and subsequently States for own mutually-collective world dominance and at the cost of Indigenous Peoples and their lands, lives, self-determination and cultures.

    The Shadow Report asks: "How will the Holy See work to recognized, as well as to assist to actualize, true and inherent Ndé- Nneé and Indigenous Peoples’, Tribes’ and Nations’ restored sovereignty and full and equal participation in political affairs therein at the international, regional and local levels, including as own traditional leaderships, territories, cultures and religions?"

    A UN CERD Committee statement reads: The Committee recommends that the State party [Vatican] engage in meaningful dialogue with indigenous peoples with the aim of effectively addressing their concerns. In this regard, the Committee takes note of the information provided by the State party [Vatican] delegation concerning a high-level dialogue that is scheduled to take place in Rome to address the concerns expressed by indigenous peoples, and recommends that the State party [Vatican] ensure that its interlocutors in this dialogue include appropriate representatives designated by indigenous peoples. The Committee requests the State party [Vatican] to provide information in its next periodic report on the outcome of the meeting and concrete follow-up measures taken.

    The [SIZE=12.8px]UNPFII[/SIZE][SIZE=12.8px] 9th session report states: Impact on Indigenous Peoples of the International Legal construct known as the Doctrine of Discovery, which has served as the Foundation of the Violation of their Human Rights."[/SIZE]

    Steven Newcomb [SIZE=12.8px](Shawnee, Lenape)[/SIZE][SIZE=12.8px] is a world renowned expert on the Doctrine of Discovery. His newest article is titled, U.S. Federal Indian Law and Mind Control. Indian Country Today Media Network, the world's largest Indian new source, published this article by Newcomb. My comment on this article (it's the first of four selective comments) reads:[/SIZE]

    "Good article Mr. Newcomb. Delusional White Christian supremacy ideas and beliefs dominate and control the current American legal system that subjugates pagan Native peoples in this land which was once solely occupied by Native nations."

    "Native peoples of the many tribes living in the invalid nation state of the U.S.A. have to want their tribes to be free and independent nations once again before the current educational system will change in a way that promotes the establishment of free and independent Native nations."

    "And the delusional White Christian supremacy, imperialistic world domination, agenda of the American Christian political ethic will also have to come to an end before this change can occur. The Roman Catholic Church is the source of this problem."

    "Many of the early century 'Christians' were called Gnostics. Their religious beliefs were similar to Hindu and Platonic pagan beliefs, but they and their religious texts (with the exception of some of them that were buried/hidden in a sealed jar) were destroyed by the Roman Catholic Church. In 1945, the hidden Gnostic texts were discovered. This is now causing a profound revisionism of Christian history leading to a major theological revolution. It, along with new scientific discoveries, are exposing traditional Christian orthodoxy as a false religious system. Therefore, there is hope that these changes will soon occur. My on-line article: Native Rights, Pope Francis and the New World Order presents more information on this topic."
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    Hail Lucifer and the New World Order.

    You really believe the ultra rich criminals who run the world, and especially the UN, want what's best for humanity??

    How much are they paying you? This is a serious question. I have read your material all around the internet, and find it curious you post on these forums.
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    If you feel this is paid to place (spam) report it.

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