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  1. merryJ

    merryJ Member

    Are you a member of a workers union? Tell me about it. How important is it to be a union member in your industry?

    Where i work the only other union member is the boss ;)
  2. SucculentFlower

    SucculentFlower earthfirst!

    My hubby is. I have to say that it has elevated our standard of living. Both of us grew up poor,poor. And had a case of poverty consciousness, living from pay check to paycheck w/ periods of no work & always trying to catch up.

    But for the last 6 years or so, we've moved from poe-dunk dead end town, to Maui Hawaii. We have unemployment insurance when out of work, he has placements on *out-work* lists at different areas across the country where they call him when needed ( he's presently waiting for a call to work in Canada) and he's hired on his skill qualifications & certifications rather than having to interview every time for a job ( no need to pimp himself). We get insurance and health benefits and vacation pay on top of the wage in a pay package. We also have annuity and retirement on top of the pay.

    Another thing thats great, is that you can if you have flexible skills, you can join different trade locals. Thus far my hubby started with the carpenters' union, moved onto the Mill Wrights' trade in the same union, then then also joined the boilermakers' union and is thinking on joining the operating engineers' union. I think it's smart to be flexible as this economy is really fucking w/ the workers' jobs.

    I'm a nurse (presently a stay at home mom) but when I'm back to work...I'll go union, as I know I have more support & solidarity for my trade that way.

    Unions gave us 8 hour work day & the weekend btw, if it weren't for the workers' unions even the non-union workers would be more exploited then they are now.
  3. blackcat666

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    i'm now what would be called "upper management," and i still belong to the union, which is the I.W.W. (industral workers of the world.)

    here in the u.s.a. unions have been lossing power, for about the last 30 years or so. :sad:
    most people here in the u.s.a. are sick and tired of watching our nation turn into shit! :mad:
    if massive number of amercians, were to take to the streets and join unions... the u.s.a. would return to being a good and great nation again! :D

    i work for the ACLU (american civil liberties union.)
    if massive numbers of people, were to also join the ACLU, and other civil rights organziations... that would get things to moving in the right direction here in u.s.a. also!
  4. greenryder

    greenryder Member

    No, that's the beauty of being self-employed.
    I'd cringe if I had to work as a union member.

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