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  1. What kind of drugs would medically be considered "hallucinogenic"/cause visions? If anyone who knows firsthand could give me an account of their experiences with trips on these, I'd appreciate it. I'm specifically interested in knowing about shrooms and opium, whether they belong in the same category or not. Also, what types of drugs were popular in the 60's and 70's with the early hippies, aside from weed? I'm currently trying to research for a story I want to write. I have no personal experience with drugs though. I'd like to be accurate, do the story justice, as well as those who inspired it. I am not trying to make a mockery out of anyone, and I'm not going to judge, so please don't worry about that.
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    drugs that would go under hallucinogenic would probably be :salvia divinorum, acid, mushrooms, and some other chemicals i am not too familiar with.

    first hand experiences can be seen at the site mentioned above.

    the drugs popular in the 60's were pot, speed, acid(this was the big one), and mushrooms. im sure there was more, but these were the big ones.
  4. nesta

    nesta Banned

    the "classic" psychedelics are generally considered to be mescaline, peyote (a kind of cactus containing high quantities of mescaline, and just enough other related chemicals to make the trip different from straight mescaline), LSD, psilocybian mushrooms, psilocin, DMT/ayahuasca, and arguably AMT (aka IT-290...used quite a lot among the merry pranksters)

    other psychedelics and "psychedelic" stimulants may include the 2C- series of phenelthylamines, Amanita muscaria mushrooms, MDA and related drugs (such as MDMA), Salvia divinorum, DPT, AET, LSA, DXM (if you consider it a psychedelic...i don't really), nutmeg, ibogaine, datura, AL-LAD, and so on.

    opium is not in the same category of drugs at all, although in some cases, some people tend to see some types of closed eye visuals while using opium (don't know about other opiates...assume they're the same way though)

    of these drugs, i've used LSD, psilocybian mushrooms, AMT (sort of), 2C-B, MDMA, LSA, Salvia divinorum, DXM, and AL-LAD, and opium (although its an entirely different animal, as i said). i don't really want to get into a bunch of details about trips though.
  5. warthog

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    read books by carlos castaned ..about the native american use of peyote<(pay-oh-tee)n.1.a mexican cactus 2.the hallucinogenic drug prepared from this plant...& their vison quest //its leagal for native americans to use this plant for their religon
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    Too many to list really but the more common ones are Mushrooms, LSD, Daturia (not recomended), Mescaline/Peyote, Certain Research Chems, Dextromethorphen, Ecstacy (to a lesser degree)

    Erowid has a library of trip reports

    Not really. Shrooms are more of a hallucinogen while opiates are pain killers that just make you feel reaaaaal good.

    Read Erowid. It has a vast amount of information on drugs. You wanna know anything? Chances are you'll find it there.

  7. eat_some_LSD

    eat_some_LSD Senior Member

    To be specific, mushrooms are tryptamine-based while opium is opiate-based. Both rely on totally different receptors and I don't see how the two could be confused in the slightest.

    As for the 60's, the major drugs then were cannabis, LSD, MDA, and mescaline. Then, in the 70's, heroin came along, and that was pretty much the only truely signifigant chem of it's time. In the 80's, cocaine exploded, as did drugs like GHB and MDMA (Ecstasy). The 90's brought LSD back, faintly, as well as provided a decent place for cocaine use. However, in the new millenium, the pharmaceutical blackmarket was turned upside-down after a major LSD bust in Kansas in '98, which gave emphasis to legal research chems that are atleast 10x as powerful as LSD or MDMA; as well as the underlying resurgance of heroin in suburban youth and crack (crystallized cocaine) in the urban areas. :)
  8. crummyrummy

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    and they are? pm me.....
  9. Jetblack

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    a little off the topic but is DXM a hallucinogen when i was rob'ing on 500 mg i was seeing full blow cevs and and rather intense oevs any1 else experience this?
  10. nesta

    nesta Banned

    eat_, i'd really like a source for your claim that they've put out a lot of RCs that are 10X as powerful as acid...
  11. eat_some_LSD

    eat_some_LSD Senior Member

    Meh, maybe not ten times as powerful in the sense that you have to take so-much-more in terms of dosage (a 400 mic hit of AMT isn't going to get you anywhere), but in terms of one standard 50 mic dose of LSD versus one standard 15 mg smoked dosage of 5-Meo-DMT? ;) Another thing to point out is that LSD is very uncommon, whilst the more "exotic" psychedelics are not only easy to obtain, but even most high school students would probably have enough change in their pockets to buy themselves an easy 500-1,000 doses. Yet I digress.
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    I saw really intense OEVs on a third plateau trip but I didn't intend to repeat the experience. Seeing Death/Satan on the surface of my eye giving me the finger and a delusion that I was dying was a bit unsettling. On the plus side I also saw my monitor warping like I often see on LSD.
  13. Jetblack

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    ahh thats awesome i didnt see anythign that intense although my cat turned into a cheetah and started begging me to save her form the hunters and my friend said i was running around with my cat in my arms yelling help me!!!! 10 minutes later they found me in a closet with my cat saying its ok buttercup its all good heheeh that was so awesome...good times good times..
  14. Thanks for all the replies and stuff. I was pleasantly surprised. :) I've posted many questions and such on other mailing lists and not got any reply at all. It means a lot to me that so many people offered such useful information and advice. I'm finding Erowid to be handy.

    I love the cheetah thing by the way. Cat's are awesome. This brings me to another question, though. Do people usually/always remember trips when the drugs have worn off, and would they possibly remember things from past trips while on another one?
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    Just to clarify, Mushrooms gave me better, constant OEVs, that include lots of color along with the warping. I liked the mushroom hallucinations better.
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    Heroin used to sold in a Sear & Rorbucks catalog back in the 1890s-1900s. Enough of America were addicted to opiates which eventually changed states laws and then finally with the Harrison Tax Act illegalized everything available at the time, marijuana, opium, heroin. It never went away.....
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    Meh, what I'd said was that the recreational use of it had exploded in the 70's, not that it had been discovered then. ;)

    DXM is not a "true" hallucinogen; it's actually chemically an opiate, like K and PCP, but has hallucinogenic properties at higher doses. True hallucinogens would be the higher-end tryptamines, and a few phenthylamines.
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    really? its an opiate eat acid? wow if it was it didnt sound like all the opiate experiences MUCH more intense not a relaxed soothign feeling or anything VERY VERY INTENSE TRIP! but if may of been i took a "strong"/"heavy" dose so i dunno
  19. Jetblack

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    ya u usually do especially the high point unless during ur trip u are constantly blacking out or passed out or u get amnesia or something like that during ur trip which doesnt happen usually if u use substances responsibley but ya u usually remember ur trips

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