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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing Techniques' started by ezhydro, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. ezhydro

    ezhydro Member

    6 plant system - 5 gal res - 125 w light
    lights is currently 32 inches up from trays
    4 weeks 18/6
    2 weeks 12/12
    6 weeks to go
    no co2
    circulation fan / ventilated when im home on weekends (bad circumstances)
    progress is 5 plants at 13 - 17 inches and 1 plant at 31 inches

    not seeing any flower developement

    i did some interesting things during the early stages that have seemingly stunted the growth of all plants but one

    im thinking i should chop the tall one at the stalk at 17 inches and root the top in soil, lower the light to about 10 inches above the tops

    also, how badly is only getting the room ventilated on weekends hurting me?

    thanks for letting me know the best way to go about things.
  2. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

    Tallest plants are quite often male. Or maybee its a sativa. Best bet is to train plants. i.e bend them over and tie them up. This way you can keep the plants at the same height plus light can be kept closer. 125W is not enough light it may have got you through veg but for flowering you need more light.
    If rooms not ventilated you may slow growth due to insufficient co2 . As your lights only 125W this probably wont be noticable but if you increase your light you will need constant ventilation.
    If you can't get a new light then just train your biggest plant to the same height as the others and get the light as close as possible without burning the plants. When the plants show there sex chances are biggest plants will be male anyway so they can be removed.
  3. Naturalhi

    Naturalhi Great hairy ape

    Dude obviously never read easy hydro manual!
  4. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    125 watts of what kind of light?
  5. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

  6. Naturalhi

    Naturalhi Great hairy ape

    You don't suppose it's incandecent.;)
  7. buffoonman

    buffoonman Senior Member

    Could be HPS
  8. Naturalhi

    Naturalhi Great hairy ape

    EZ must not have a clue as to what the light is, as they havn't answered.

    Cor' guv me nickers be in a bunch, 'scuse me while I run up t' dancers and change me nickers!
  9. ezhydro

    ezhydro Member

    sorry i was gone. heres the update.
    skunk69fem seed
    bulb is saturn make: 50% 2700 50% 5500 light spectrums
    as far as the big one goes i had bent and redirected somewhat before i left...
    it pretty much did its own thing again shot up passed the light burning the budlets that surround it closest but the good news is there all over the place.

    the other plants are beginning but hopefully after i spiral brutus they will get sufficient light to flourish.
    the setup is somewhat limited but its not feasible to change now... working on a makeshift vent system

    5 are 18" - 22"
    brutus is 3' exact

    thanks for the info, crit, and advice
  10. hig yields

    hig yields Member

    I know it is to late for this, but depending on the set up you can rotate the plants around. Sometime The bigger plants get bigger because of a slight different in environment, weather it is better lighting, or maybe it gets a little more Co2 or a little better temp. regardless sometime by doing this you can keep a nice even canopy.
  11. rangerdanger

    rangerdanger Senior Member

    Plants "breathe" CO2 (and "exhale" oxygen). When CO2 is exhausted, growth stops.
    You need HPS at the rate of 50 watts per sq/ft for optimum growth.
    Look into providing flo-thru ventilation (intake and exhaust fans).

    A growroom with the above factors will outproduce by 3--5 times the amt. produced under flo's with ventilation only on the weekends, meaning it will par for itself with the first crop.

    Btw, if you've been 12/12-ing for 2 weeks and haven't seen any balls yet, you've got a light leak (unless your the luckiest guy around and got all girls).
    Some strains raised indoors require absolute darkness during lights out.

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