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Discussion in 'French' started by ZePpeLinA, May 14, 2004.

  1. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    Salut! J'ai un question sur musique

    Desolee! je ne parle pas bien francais...mais je dois savoir qu'est-ce que vous pense de Archive, le rock groupe de Grande-bretagne, ils sont superb!!
    je sais qu'ils sont connut en France.

    ok, merci beaucoup!

    Ps: if you could write in english, it would make my life easier. merci.:)
  2. Penny

    Penny Supermoderaginaire

    Hey! Thanks for posting here :) I don't know the band you're talking about... even though I'm French, I've been living away for a while and I have no idea if they're known here (in Spain) - don't watch TV enough (actually, never!) and I never listen to the radio either.

    Hopefully some poeple know them here, but, even though they read a lot, they hardly post... :(
  3. Penny

    Penny Supermoderaginaire

    By the way, you speak great French :)
  4. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    oh:eek: !!! Merci!!! I studied french for a couple of years but I never had the chance to practise what I learned. I've been to paris just once and I didnt use it much cos the person who I visited took me around so I didnt have much chance to speak the language with french people.

    It's a shame you don't know them, they're pretty cool actually, they're really famous around Europe especially in france, that's why I came here to ask you guys...

    oh well, never mind!

    Aur revoir!
  5. babayaga

    babayaga Member

    Moi, non plus, je ne connais pas ce groupe...et c'est quoi comme genre ? Désolé d'avoir posté en français, mais en anglais je fais rire tout le monde
  6. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

  7. babayaga

    babayaga Member

    Thank you...;)
  8. brain-damage

    brain-damage Member

    Je rŽpond en francais, c trop compliquŽ en anglais pour moi...
    Archive est un groupe de musique Žlectronique londonien trs soft. Beaucoup de gens les comparent ˆ PinkFloyd et c'est vrai qu'ils ne peuvent pas nier leur inspiration tellement c'est flagrant, mais c'est quand meme loin d'tre du floyd :sunglasse
    Dans une interview a propos d'un de leurs album ils disaient clairement que celui-ci Žtait inspirŽ de pink floyd :p

    pour plus d'infos et pour Žcouter des extraits:
  9. warlock

    warlock Member

    Interesting to hear you say you never watch TV nor listen to the radio Penny. As neither do I in about a year.

  10. I don't watch TV neither listen to radio as well. I don't have any TV here. It's just almost useless. I have so many other things to do (playing music, reading, writing) that I wouldn't find one minute to watch TV.

    By the way, I've heard about Archive, a friend of mine is really fond of them. But there's too much "electronics" in this music for me (matter of taste !). But well, I've been to a concert of english people recently in Paris, they're called "The eighties matchbox B-Line disaster" it was quite punk / metal and tough music but I've had lots of fun and enjoyed it a lot. I think that's the point !!!

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