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  1. anti

    anti Member

    today in my psychology class, we got in a discussion about the american soldiers treatment of the iraqi prisoners and the beheading of that contracter, and there were 5 or 6 kids in my class that had no idea this had even happened. there were actually people who didnt have a clue as to what we were talking about. where have they been? you dont even have to watch tv to hear about it. its only been ALL OVER the place for the last week. the really sad part is, theres more people around this country exactly like that. and these are the people who are voting in our elections. the world is going to hell, and fast.
  2. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    It's sick. And to think these are COLLEGE students. It's no wonder this country is going to hell.
  3. Ediction421

    Ediction421 Member

    Shit, I didn't know until yesterday... However, I could tell you at what stage of cycle the moon is at.
  4. razm

    razm Member

    Go ahead and give me an f'ing break.....the reason that people don't know about these things is that people would rather watch the liberal machine spin out bullcrap than read the news where they choose. The answer to your statement, start America reading the news rather than watching it, TV is nothing but BS, period.

    It's to bad that not enough people my age know enough about current political events, but it's not a freakin' psychology course subject, better let your prof know that.
  5. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    I still leave my peers agahst when they call me a Nazi for not supporting our president like a good american. I rip into them with all the shit Mein Fuhrer Bush has done to make this county "united and so much better"
  6. razm

    razm Member

    Well to calll you're President a fascist is bullcrap, for them (your peers) to call you a Nazi for not supporting him is also bullcrap.
  7. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    When you slowly take away the rights of the people what would you call it? You think Hitler (cliche comparison but damnit look at the similarities) just instantly imprisoned the Jews? It started off by banning small things, then more and more, until imprisonment made sense to the people. Slowly people give up their freedom to feel safe, FEEL not actually BEING safe nessesarilly. One day were going to blink and wonder how it got so far.
  8. razm

    razm Member

    ahhhhhhahahahahahahahaha you just wait..........I would LOVE for you to vote for john kerry......socialism solves all no?
  9. LickHERish

    LickHERish Senior Member

    Kerry, Socialist? LOL. Please get your head out of your ass and stop listening to the lies of the avowed Fox News misinformers.

    There is NO viable socialist option in modern America, both Democrats and Republicans are squarely tied to big money corporate interest (which itself receives a considerable chunk of our tax dollars (e.g. Corporate Welfare) whilst individuals in need across our nation are left to rot).

    Time to put away the hate filled ideology and open your eyes to the very real conscription of our political aparatus for elitest self interest.

    Our leaders are certainly NOT patriots in any sense by which they repeatedly and rhetorically whip up the jingoism in naive unquestioning sorts like yourself.
  10. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    It is not just young people who are ignorant. I know plenty of people my age, and my parents age (including my FIL and my mother) who just don't want to know what is going on.

    It is easier to be ignorant and vote Conservative as well as status quo. Why THINK when someone can tell you what to think?
  11. homebudz

    homebudz Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Sad but true Maggie.I know many people here(young and old)who buy into everthing the govt tells them.Sad but true.
  12. razm

    razm Member

    That's right boys, they're takin' away our guns slowly but surely, just like Hitler. Poor Jewish folk couldn't even defend themselves.

    "Those that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

    I'll tell you what man, I really agree with a lot of your post, that very well could happen sometime, but not when leaders have a limited term. Not when the country hasn't lost a world war, or is in total economic and infrastructural (I don't think it's a word but you get it) ruins. There were a lot of things that happened that led to Hitler's rise in power, before the people even knew who he was (not to mention the propaganda). George Bush is not a fascist, or you wouldn't be calling him one.

    FOX news? Gimme a break, you couldn't pay me to watch tv unless I wanted to hear liberal drivel over and over again...not a big fan, I choose to read my news from intelligent writers.

    Now this is just terrible, you are telling me to "get my head out of my ass" (good one), while you have no real idea of American politics, and for that matter the reason that our (and every other) political structure exists.

    Hey dummy, I am a card carrying member of the right wing, you know, the ones that love their country.

    Oh come on, I'm tired of people complaining about how the government has alienated the public, while the structure of our political system so obviously shows that the people have alienated themselves from the government. It is your job, and mine, to engage people politically, to make them once again involved in American politics. To call someone the status quo or "ignorant" as you have so graciously put it for "voting" conservative, is ignorance in and of itself.
  13. Mui

    Mui Senior Member

    we could use socialism.

    better than capitalist exploitation

    say capitalism works to all the wage slaves working for american corporations
  14. LickHERish

    LickHERish Senior Member

    My goodness you are full of ridiculous drivel and absolute ignorance. FYI i have spent over 14 years in US political circles as an analyst and regularly deal with US adminstration officials and military personnel (in NATO) and have lived through far more of our modern history (with its penchant for repeating the same scandals and lies over and over) than I suspect you could claim.

    But you keep living in your naive and myopic right wing delusions, ignorance is bliss after all.

    fyi, US media is anything but liberal. Another myth you gullibly swallow and which shows you for little more than another unquestioning sheeple.
  15. booshnoogs

    booshnoogs loves you

    So let me get this straight. In a socialist setting I would no longer have to work for a living? I could just sit around in my pj's all day or play with my kids at the park? Hell, why didn't you tell me that before. Screw capitalism, I'm changing my ways.
  16. grim_rebel

    grim_rebel Member

    Hence, Moore's hopes that Fahrenheit 9/11 will open the eyes of the more neo-con-media-oriented-teet-suckers.
  17. booshnoogs

    booshnoogs loves you

    Most people that I've talked to don't pay attention to Moore. He was pretty discredited after the Bowling for Columbine thing.
  18. Jozak

    Jozak Member

    It's a hell of alot easier to smash a Starbuck's and business window at the world bank/IMF protests and act like a complete idiot or vote for politicians who will give you a handout, then to sit down and logically think. Some conservatives are ignorant and so are some liberals. I would bet half of those people there didn't even know WHY they were protesting the IMF. You stereotyped, so I stereotyped.

    Do you honestly think true conservatives are happy with Bush? Beleive it or not, he is pretty moderate when it comes to social issues. I am sure most liberals did not like Clinton or don't even like Kerry that much.

    Now, I am not a conservative or liberal, (I am a libertarian so I am both) but this is pretty evident to both the liberals and conservatives I've encountered.
  19. razm

    razm Member

    bwaaaaaaahahahahahhaha.......I mean really.....I didn't even get past the second sentence......you are just one reason why the bureaucracy should be destroyed. Ignorance is bliss, why don't you tell me.....the bureaucracy is supposed to be objective thinking, while you cannot even fathom the idea of someone else holding different views than yourself. This is not the way the system was designed to work, actually I think it could only work in theory, much like socialism. That's fine if you have lived through more "modern" history than me, I prefer to study the subject.

    The US media is incredibly liberal, it promotes the left wing agenda, how could it not be?

    I'm no sheep; you see I study at a LIBERAL, PUBLIC University. Being a bureaucrat you should first of all understand that this is wrong, and second of all, realize that I am fighting this perverted part of the system, I am the exact opposite of what one may consider "sheeple".
  20. grim_rebel

    grim_rebel Member

    Why? I mean, why was he discredited? Was it a matter of the truth hurting or did he actually propagate false information?

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