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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by maabbott88, May 28, 2004.

  1. maabbott88

    maabbott88 Member

    I am really embarassed but I need to what I'm asking do I use a pipe? Don't laugh!
  2. tripp

    tripp Member

    i wish i could remember
  3. lack weed in the bowl shaped thing...light a lighter over the opening of the bowl, inhale

    once its lit you can usually get a couple hits before it needs to be relit if you are smoking with a couple people
  4. reef

    reef Member

    1) place weed into bowl, not too compact
    2) place finger over carb (small hole on side)
    3) light it up and inhale
    4) let go of carb and clear
  5. maabbott88

    maabbott88 Member

    I think I might be able to see them in concert in Indiana! Rock on!
  6. maabbott88

    maabbott88 Member

    oops...that was supposed to go in the "goodbye phish" thread. dunno how it ended up here.

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