Ultimate 60's Albums?

Discussion in 'Music' started by MBintheOC, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. MBintheOC

    MBintheOC We're all mad here..

    What are they...go!:)Btw...I added some more 2 my vynal collection:Big Brother & the Holding Co. feat. Janis Joplin, Cheap Thrills, Fleetwood Mac, Surrealistic Pillow & Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Yeaaaaa:D
  2. Lucifer Sam

    Lucifer Sam Vegetable Man

    Here are some you should have:

    The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (1966)
    The Beatles - Rubber Soul (1965)
    The Beatles - Revolver (1966)
    The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
    The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour (1967)
    The Beatles - The Beatles (The White Album) (1968)
    Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum (1968)
    Blue Cheer - Outsideinside (1968)
    Arthur Brown - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (1968)
    Eric Burdon and the Animals - Winds of Change (1967)
    The Byrds - Fifth Dimension (1966)
    The Byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothers (1968)
    The Byrds - Sweetheart of the Rodeo (1968)
    John Cale - Vintage Violence (1969)
    Can - Monster Movie (1969)
    Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Safe as Milk (1967)
    Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Trout Mask Replica (1969)
    Leonard Cohen - Songs of Leonard Cohen (1967)
    Cream - Fresh Cream (1966)
    Cream - Disraeli Gears (1967)
    Donovan - A Gift From a Flower to a Garden (1967)
    The Doors - The Doors (1967)
    The Doors - Strange Days (1968)
    Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left (1969)
    Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited (1965)
    Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde (1966)
    Bob Dylan - John Wesley Harding (1967)
    The Golden Dawn - Power Plant (1967)
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced? (1967)
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Axis: Bold as Love (1967)
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland (1968)
    The James Gang - Yer' Album (1969)
    Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow (1967)
    Jefferson Airplane - After Bathing at Baxter's (1967)
    King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King (1969)
    The Kinks - Something Else by the Kinks (1967)
    Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin (1969)
    Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II (1969)
    Love - Forever Changes (1967)
    John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers - Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton (1966)
    The MC5 - Kick Out the Jams (1969)
    Moby Grape - Moby Grape (1967)
    Pink Floyd - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967)
    Pink Floyd - A Saucerful of Secrets (1968)
    The Pretty Things - SF Sorrow (1968)
    The Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967)
    The Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet (1968)
    The Rolling Stones - Let it Bleed (1969)
    The Small Faces - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake (1968)
    The Sonics - Here are the Sonics!!! (1965)
    The Stooges - The Stooges (1969)
    The 13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators (1966)
    The 13th Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere (1967)
    Tomorrow - Tomorrow (1968)
    The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)
    The Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat (1968)
    The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground (1969)
    The Who - The Who Sell Out (1967)
    The Who - Tommy (1969)
    The Yardbirds - Five Live Yardbirds (1964)
    The Yardbirds - Having a Rave Up with the Yardbirds (1965)
    The Yardbirds - Roger the Engineer (1966)
    Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention - Freak Out! (1966)
    The Zombies - Odessey & Oracle (1968)
  3. hiddendoor

    hiddendoor Member

    Pretty fuckin' cool 60's list Lucifer Sam, not going to argue with any of that
  4. Skelter

    Skelter Helter

    yeah, i have nothing more to add :D except that album in my signature; country joe & the fish - electric music for the mind and body (1967)
  5. rhasta.penguin

    rhasta.penguin No more hippy...ugh

    i would try to say one, but i think lucifer sam basically said all of them [​IMG]
  6. Skelter

    Skelter Helter

    MBintheOC, i advise you to wait with this album, it's just impossible to get into.
  7. hiddendoor

    hiddendoor Member

    Section 43, Bass Strings and Grace from Country Joe and The Fish's Electric Music For Mind And Body are amongst the greatest psychedelic tunes ever written IMHO
  8. soulrebel51

    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

    I'm going to attempt to get all those you listed that I do not already have, tonite... great list :p
  9. MBintheOC

    MBintheOC We're all mad here..

    Whew, good 2 c I don't have so much 2 get:) Anymore?
  10. Templedragon

    Templedragon Peace through Spirit

    The Great Society 1 and 2 (Grace Slick's first band with her brother Jerry...hilariously bad versions of white rabbit and somebody to love), Iron Butterfly "Heavy" and "Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida", Steppenwolf (title album), Steppenwolf "Second", "At your Birthday Party", "Monster"... Jimi Hendrix "Rainbow Bridge", The Charlatans, Keef Heartly band, The Plastic Ono Band, Blind Faith, Canned Heat... man, the brain cells are so dim!

    That's it for now, ceptin the best album cover of all time is the recalled one for "Mom's Apple Pie" Gr8 early 70's bands... Captain Beyond and Seatrain.

    Peace, Viv-
  11. Rhythmdevil

    Rhythmdevil Member

    The first Santana album was fucking tight! Then I'd have to say all the Hendrix albums.....hmmm..... I'm a huge deadhead, and a lot of their albums didn't come out till the seventies. But the Dead's first three albums, Grateful Dead, Anthem of the Sun, and Aoxomoxoa are pretty cool!
  12. syd

    syd Banned

    But wait Lucifer Sam, you forgot these two great Bob Dylan albums
    Bob Dylan - Freewheelin Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan - Bringing it all back home
  13. Skelter

    Skelter Helter

    no, there's plenty more...

    the kinks - the village green preservation society (1968)
    the kinks - arthur or the decline and fall of the british empire (1969)
    the silver apples - the silver apples (1968)
    the silver apples - contact (1969)
    the monks - black monk time (1966)
    bob dylan - nashville skyline (1969)
    the soft machine - vol.1 (1968)
    the soft machine - vol.2 (1969)
    leonard cohen - songs from a room (1969)
    frank zappa & the mothers of invention - we're only in it for the money (1968)
    the 13th floor elevators - bull of the woods (1968)
    the byrds - younger than yesterday (1967)
    the united states of america - the united states of america (1968)
    fairport convention - unhalfbricking (1969)
    the incredible string band - the hangman's beautiful daughter (1968)
    flying burrito brothers - the guilded palace of sin (1969)
    the electric prunes - underground (1968)
    eric burdon & the animals - the twain shall meet (1968)
    paul butterfield blues band - east-west (1966)
    love - da capo (1966)
    pink floyd - ummagumma (1969)
    donovan - sunshine superman (1966)
    the rolling stones - the rolling stones (1964)
    the rolling stones - aftermath (1966)
    the beatles - abbey road (1969) (actually all their albums ...)
    the grateful dead - live/dead (1969)
    the millennium - begin (1968)
    tim buckley - happy/sad (1969)
    the sonics - boom! (1966)
    the fugs - the fugs (1966)
    crosby, stills & nash - crosby, stills & nash (1969)
    hp lovecraft - hp lovecraft I (1967)
    hp lovecraft - hp lovecraft II (1968)
    ultimate spinach - ultimate spinach (1967)
    july - july (1967)
    quicksilver messenger service - happy trails (1969)
  14. Lucifer Sam

    Lucifer Sam Vegetable Man

    Ahaha... yes, it never ends. I *tried* to list the best known and best loved '60s albums, though.
  15. Skelter

    Skelter Helter

    your list is excellent
  16. lover/young_peace

    lover/young_peace Senior Member

    :D !
  17. paradigm

    paradigm Member

    Anyone interested in hearing some of these bands live shows can hear them at:


    Listening tew a 67 Quicksilver show at this moment. Good stuff...
  18. soulrebel51

    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

    Nirvana' The Story of Simon Simopath should be listed too, arguably the first rock opera.
  19. Lucifer Sam

    Lucifer Sam Vegetable Man

    Wow, thanks a lot for the link! I've been looking for a site like this one. I just hope it isn't shut down soon...
  20. soulrebel51

    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

    download all you can before its taken down! :D

    lmao, im downloading the assembly of dust show, itll be done in oh, 2 and a half hours... [​IMG]

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