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    {I have re-written this, it's better now..}

    I'm starting growing in June? Would that be right, or is there another time which is better to plant for the UK?

    Basically I'm buying a pack of 10 seeds, growing three up to a decent size behind my southfacing window and then putting them in my greenhouse (also south facing).

    What fertelizer do I need? And I'm going to a garden center tommorow, I'm thinking expensive soil?

    The green house is 6'10" in height, 4'0" wide and 6'0" long.. I can fit a couple of plants in there yea? Here it is. My mate grew loads in his greenhouse last year with ease so I'm guessing it won't be that hard.

    Yeah if you could just answer me questions and give me a couple of tips that would be great, I have looked on Google before but I can't find any solid answers to my questions (they're always different) and written for the US.

    Also which type do I grow? Please give me a suggestion from this shop (as cheap as possible please!).. can I grow outdoor seeds or does it have to be greenhouse?

    Oh one more question does feminized seeds mean they are guarenteed to be female?

    Thanks very much.
    Jah bless
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  3. orite mate. first off get yourself the medicinal grow bible. its about a score but its gonna tell you exactly what you need to do plus more!

    Get some decent soil and a grow and bloom organic nutes.
    I cant use your link for some reason but theres tones of good outdoor strains on that site.
    I think june mite be a bit late for planting, Lowryders would work though.

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