uk is most corrupt country in world and its totally fucked!

Discussion in 'U.K. Politics' started by phil1965, Nov 20, 2021.

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    Reading another article in the press, this time its about how we will need another lockdown this winter due to covid, I start to ponder the futility of it all,during the last 'lockdown' I like many others didnt see my grandchildren for months despite the fact they only live locally, yet people were allowed to come into the uk from all over the world, even worse the migrants off the illegal boats snuck in having travelled from god knows where.
    A second article catches my eye, this time its about alleged cover ups in certain government departments, its alleged that they've been hiding the reasons for the so called 'pull factor' the reasons these people come to the uk, someone starts arguing that they are not drawn here by anything in particular, they are just people fleeing danger and should be allowed into the uk, the word 'bollocks' springs to mind, the asylum rules clearly state that people should seek asylum in the first safe country they come to.
    Now it might have been a long time since i did geography at school but I know one thing, theres a hell of a lot of countries between where these people come from and the UK!
    The figures show that many thousands have come here this year alone, now in any time it would be bad enough, but in the middle of a pandemic, jesus christ, they should be turned around immediately and sent back again. How the hell can this pathetic government put all the uk citizens under a lockdown and still allow people in from outside, like i said when all this started, these clowns have no idea of the meanings of the words lockdown, or quarantine.
    Migrants come here for several reasons, one, and they can deny it all they want is that they do get money and housing when they arrive, yet they complain its not good enough, ffs, they were moaning about starving in their own countries, yet as soon as they land here they were kicking off because the hotel they were put in was serving them microwave meals! Well surely a microwave meal is better than no meal at all, ungrateful bastards that they are.secondly we are the only country in the world to pander to the minority, imagine going to Russia and demanding a church that isnt one of their churches, or to be allowed to do whatever you want because 'its my right', oh yes, I bet they'd sling you in a gulag straight away, we had the muslim paedophile gangs running arround in various parts of the country, seemingly for a long time without fear of punishment, finally when we start to deal with them its classed as racism, one perpetrator, a man who not content with sexually abusing young girls himself then transported them around the country to be 'lent' to his friends was given a paltry 8 years, released after doing half the sentence and in the face of deportation he claimed that it wasnt fair, he hadnt done anything serious, and in his own country it was legal to marry and have sex with girls over 8 years old!
    Well here's a newsflash mate, I bet the girl you got pregnant and forced to have an abortion thought it was a big deal, as did the one who after complaining about being transported the length and breadth of the country to be used as a sex toy by a load of perverts dared to complain was beaten so badly she ended up in hospital, personally i think they should have been strung up in the town square and had their balls torn off for molesting innocent young girls!
    I heard recently that in one prison people are not allowed to cook pork in case it offends the muslims, ffs, its a prison.
    I start looking for the 'comments' section in order to vent my spleen on these matters, and find that a lot of places, have done away with the comments page, Yahoo has a bit saying that in order to maintain a pleasant environment, or some crap like that, they've temporarily suspended comments, its been like that for over 2 years now, so much for temporary.
    somewhere in the back of my mind i begin to hear a tune, its 'Deutchland Uber Alles', my mind is filled with pictures of masses of german troops in Nazi uniforms marching through the streets, followed by images of the cattle trucks filled with the Jews that were sent to places like DACHAU and AUSHWITZ, scenes we were shown not to shock us, but to remind us of what happens when a party of raving loonys gets into power, did we learn? did we fuck. I open my e-bay page on my computer and do a search for long black leather boots for men, there arent any, it would appear they already sold out clearly someone has decided to but them all before we are all wearing jackboots. A wise man once said 'absolute power corrupts absolutely' he was right, look at the state of our country, I wont use the old phrase 'our once great nation' because we havent been a 'great britain' in a long time, neither are we a 'united' kingdom, yet look at the way our leaders prance around on the world stage like we're about something, we're even considering going and sorting Putin out now, lol, figures state our total military personnel strength is around 375,000, Russia on the other hand has over 3.5 million, its the same with planes, ships, missiles, and all the other equipment needed to prosecute a war, in shrt we'd have no chance, and its no use people saying Putin wont start anthing because he's already shown he's clearly unstable enough to start something a sensible man wouldn't. Then add to this our own version of Ronald McDonald, I'm referring of course to Bungling Boris Johnson, our prime minister who is so close in manner and behaviour to the megalomaniac Donald Trump that you could be forgiven for thinking they were brothers.
    The real danger from this is the fact that Boris, like Donald is one of those people who will do whatever he wants regardless of the opinion of others, or for that matter the rights or wrongs of what he's about to do. Now if we look at other prime ministers, most of them had a war during their term of office, Thatcher had the Falklands, Blair had the Gulf war, and as you are all aware, there have been many others, non however have been what you could call spectacular, yes they'll be remembered down the years, but not in the same context as WW1 or WW2.Everything Boris does has to be bigger and better than anything done by his predecessors, and I can see him now eagerly picking a ficht with putin that would in all probability end in world war three, millions of lives would be lost, but it wouldnt matter because at least people down the years would remember good old Boris, in the way they remember Churchill ahd Hitler. when you translate Deutchland Uber Alles, it is a song to to stir the masses, even the title Germany over all, had to make the people feel good, but remember its Britain we're talking about here, a country that has almost no manufacturing capability, anything worth owning is owned by foreigners and thanks to the fools who think that wind turbines and solar panels can supply all our power means we are reliant on imports from places like France and Norway, we're hardly a force to be reckoned with, England Unter Alles, doesnt have the same forceful ring to it does it and indeed it hasnt, for those amongst us who don't speak German the translation is 'England under all' which just about sums up our current position on the world stage, slowly sinking in a massive shitpile and its getting deeper every day.
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  2. shanks59

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    I couldn't agree more with every single word, and the brain washed, brain dead, ignorant British population are sleepwalking right into a fascist police State. This country is in the darkest and most sinister time in it's entire history.
  3. jimandjan

    jimandjan Member

    U.S.A. might be very close 2nd?
  4. Boozercruiser

    Boozercruiser Kenny Lifetime Supporter

    Yes Jim.
    I suppose that makes TWO countries Fucked then?! :tongueclosed: :laughing:

    Both Boris and Biden are shite though.
    In my opinion. :)

    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member - A Fool on the Hill Lifetime Supporter

    There are always and more corrupt countries in the world we inhabit.
    "Power to the People"
  6. Vladimir Illich

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    Not what you were saying two years ago - is it ??? Not very consistent in your political choices are you ???
  7. Captain Scarlet

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    Well IMO Great Britain is now Broken Britain .

    Skint thanks to Covid
    Defenceless thanks to defence cuts . Just 148 tanks barely enough for a brigade .
    A Government who couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery
    Too many homeless without a roof over their heads.
    Too many governmental parties .

    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member - A Fool on the Hill Lifetime Supporter

    ... and closer to civil unrest and disobedience than ever methinks
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    The two parties need to work together. in USA remember,,, United we stand divided we fall.

    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member - A Fool on the Hill Lifetime Supporter

    The Goverment recently stated that the NHS are on a 'War Footing' and we are at Critical levels in several areas od business throught England - and indeed the UK.
    Whereas the 'British' Government is prodominently English, with the Scottish, Irish, and Welsh assemblies putting into practice some of their own variants of direction and guidance, this shows how much our house is in disorder.
    A 'United' coalition would seem to be the right way to overcome a common adversary, sadly co-operation means with (too) many politicians - too much give and take compomise
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    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member - A Fool on the Hill Lifetime Supporter

    However, - In Adversity, some shine - (for as with all the ills of Pandora) there is always Hope
  12. Captain Scarlet

    Captain Scarlet Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator

    I recon after this is over ,there will be some sort of enquiry as to why the rules were not polarised more as it just confuses people and in some cases forcing trips over the border for nights out or events which makes a mockery of the situation we find ourselves in today . All this disparity despite acting on the same data .
  13. Bilby

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    The opening paragraph of the book Can Of Worms by Evan Whitton,
    "It has been said not entirely in jest that Sydney is the most corrupt place in all the world except Newark ,New Jersey and Brisbane, Queensland.”

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