Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by brainstew, May 26, 2007.

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    I'm embarrised and scared but I wanna admit here that I am bi-sexual. I wanna come oue because, I love who I am now and I don't see a reason to cover it up. I am however currently, in a relationship for a man but I am sttracted to women.
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    no need to be embarassed on this forum!
    good on u for having the courage :) it feels good hey?
    im in a relationship with a boy too, and i love him to pieces!
    one day im sure ill have relationships with girls too, but for now im totally happy where i am.
    just enjoy the ride!
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    cool stuff.

    i am bi and only a couple of years older than you. :D

    don't apologise for who you are... being straight, bi, gay, transgender, pansexual, transvestite etc... it doesn't matter. don't try to be what you are not.
    you are only beautiful if you let your true colours shine. :D

    i am out to a few people in "real life" but not many. it's not that i'm afraid of telling people, it's just they've never asked, i guess.
    a girl i am sort-of friends with asked me if i was bi and i said "yes" without denying so its not like a big secret.
    i would like to be properly out but... i am not one of those people who bring up personal things unless prompted. it's the same for being vegan.

    anyway (before you get sick of my voice) stick around the bi boards babe! and the lesbian boards would be glad to have you too! it'll help you gain a lot of self-confidence to be around like-minded people.
    and besides, we love having new people around, isn't that right everyone? :D
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    yay!*hugs* congrats on trusting us to come out to!
    its a beautiful thing, isnt it?<3!

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