U.N. Human Right's Council bans free speech, supports islam

Discussion in 'Protest' started by Meistro, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Meistro

    Meistro Member

    "The U.N. Human Rights Council (how exactly are countries such as Cuba, China and countless other countries without free elections allowed to tell other countries they are committing human rights abuses?) recently passed a resolution urging for the global prohibition of the defamation of religion, or more specifically of Islam.

    Freedom of speech is not an absolute; you are not allowed to yell 'Fire' in a crowded theater because it is a danger to other people. What exactly constitutes defamation? Let's look to the words of the U.N. Council itself.

    Freedom of expression "may ... be subject to limitations as provided by law and necessary for respect of the rights or reputations of others ... or morals and respect for religions and beliefs."

    Well, U.N., I've got something to say to you. I don't take no guff from useless, bloated, corrupted, asylum ran by the inmates NGO's and I certainly don't like it when they think they can toy with my freedom of speech. Aren't there genocides you should be arriving on the scene years too late for?"

    - Child Of Reason

    Can a Human Rights Council that is led by countries infamous for abusing human rights (Cuba, China as well as several African and Islamic nations) ever possibly have any claim to legitimacy? What are some of the consequences of a resolution prohibiting 'defamation' of religion? At what point do you separate defamation and criticism? And what about free speech?
  2. hmm nice spam next you will ask us to click all your adverts there too

    looks like some really square political party setup on blogspot
    definitely some kind of propogandist site
  3. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    There are far more practioners of Islam in the world than there are blond haired, blue eyed christian fanatics.

    And Cuba and other foreign countries that don't practice our decaying form of a capitalistic republic style democracy have every right to petition the UN if they are members. Isn't that the democratic way?

    You Bushys love to denegrate them when they don't agree with you, but shit... you are right there begging them to bail you out once you create a situation and don't want to spend money on rebuilding or security.

    ISLAM is not a dirty word, nor are they pagan infidels. Greed is a dirty word and has lead to more deaths and destruction than anything else in man's history.
  4. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Find it strange you are using the French term for Master as your name. I would more likely imagine you'd sway towards the "germanic" version.

    I for one stand behind that resolution, and regret that we ever passed the "faith based initiative". Who exactly did it benefit a handful of rich tv evangicals?

    In the US all citizens and residents are protected from you sort revision by the Bill of Rights. Unless congress is so stupid they have given Bush the right under one of his "patriot acts" to also rob us of that as well.
  5. Meistro

    Meistro Member

    Perhaps you mis understood my point... I was pro-free speech here, the last thing I want is the erosion of civil liberties.

    Was this post spam? Please let me know what is / isn't allowed on this forum so I can attempt not to violate your rules; sorry if this is classified as spam I just wanted to bring attention to the fact that the U.N. is attempting to take away freedom of speech.
  6. Meistro

    Meistro Member

    'Decaying form of a capitalistic republic style democracy'
    and what do you suggest we switch to? A people's republic? Because that's worked so well for every country that has tried it. No you're probably in favour of simple dictatorship and all abuses that come with it. Please, if our government style is so decaying, tell us what we should be choosing.

    Democracy works and capitalism WORKS. If you weren't off in some dream world you would realize there is a reason why the richest countries in the world, almost without exception, are democracies and capitalistic.

    I have no problem with Islam... but I do have a problem with some bloated agency like the U.N. violated my freedom of speech. I guess to you that's not a BIG DEAL but it kind of is to me. Difference of opinion I suppose...
  7. Oh hi fascist american or meistro, or hollywood advert, or whatever your name is. Why not fuck off back to whoever put you up to posting such an advert and then tell them that some people arent all that gullible as to take your bait
  8. Meistro

    Meistro Member

    :( I'd be a little more upset if I knew you weren't probably still living with your parents; maybe when you grow up you'll have a better understanding of what fascism is and what it does to a country. It's disrespectful to the millions of people opressed under fascism TODAY and in the past as well to even compare my expressing my opinion (freedom of speech is something fascists don't know anything about, of course).

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