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    I'm kind of sitting on the fence here .

    I have had Covid now at least twice possibly 3 times . Each time I get it , its milder than before.

    10 members of our family have now had it . 9 like me have brushed it off. However it nearly killed my brother as it chewed up a valve in his heart and needed open heart surgery . And being a Spark ( and my boss ) he is pretty fit . He also goes to the gym .

    So in my view it is like a "game" of Russian Roulette . The vast majority will brush it off but for the unfortunate few it can be lethal and unltimately kill. .

  2. That averages out to 18 covid patients per hospital

    You have just over 100,000 hospital beds in the UK for general and ICU use, and another 40,000 for day surgery, maternity and mental illness

    NHS hospital bed numbers

    At around 650,000 births a year with an average stay of 2 days for natural, 4 days for caserian, you would have around 7000 women in maternity wards at anyone time....just to give perspective

    23,823 sounds a lot, but thats not even 1/4 of regular hospital beds. You have about 1000 people a day diagnosed with cancer in the UK

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    Cases overview:
    upload_2021-1-6_17-20-58.png United Kingdom
    Total cases 2.77M +60,916 Recovered 0 +0 Deaths 76,305 +874
    upload_2021-1-6_17-20-58.png Worldwide
    Total cases 86.6M +542K Recovered 48.6M Deaths 1.87M +8,709
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    Interested to know how you come to that conclusion about what the chances of dying are, given the number of deaths being reported everyday.
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    One of the areas where the Government went badly wrong was to cease encouraging people to shield . Instead they could wear a pass around their neck in a supermarket that gives them ( a vulnerable person ) zero protection and they arn't protecting others within the store . I have seen with my own eyes people I would consider to be old and frail tottering about when they perhaps should be better safe at home with relatives or friends doing errands for them.

    And then as mentioned before they close gyms and sports centres even though obesity has been linked with Covid. Great idea Not .

    To conclude if people looked after themselves better, shield where necessary then the number of deaths wouldnt have been as high . Only now the Governemnt has changed direction and encouraged shielding again . Like everything else the Government has done its always too late .
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    I was shocked when I saw this video . Candy sent me a copy yesterday . It just shows the mob handedness of the police and obviously they arn't following their policy of the 4 Es which are ENGAGE ,EXPLAIN,ENCOURAGE and then finally ENFORCEMENT .
    I only saw enforcement in the video . But being arrested for sitting on a bench . For Gawds sake is this what this country is coming to ? No wonder there is distrust in the police .

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  8. Mysteron

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    I was watching the interview on Sky News this morning with Mat Hancock

    a Couple of quotes

    "Any flex of the rules can be fatal "

    " We all have to work together "

    Well I havnt forgotten about these pictures taken in a Chaufeur Driven car and he has never given an explanation . FECKIN HYPOCRIT



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  10. Candy Gal

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    I wonder what happened next?
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  11. Mysteron

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    I think you will find out in your local paper as they also reported it .
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    Enforcement of 'the law' is so hard to do when it comes down to the rights of individuals, it is a wonder that it was enabled. Officers are following the Government guidance is one thing - and allows a degree of discretion, however, when guidance becomes directive, it is hard to ignore.
    The scenes in the video indeed seem to show hypocritical actions by the Southern Regional Force, with non-enforcement of other issues where contravention of standard rulings are clearly seen and not acted upon.
    Whilst I would hold short on judgement to see if there were any other extenuating circumstances, this does sets a difficult precedent to continue, and calls into question the actions and justifiable reasons for arrest
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    And a letter to one's local MP would be interesting
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    It was on the news!!!
  15. Mysteron

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    The Government is obviously panicking over the NHS getting overwhelmed. The very organisation they starved of funds for a very long time. T hey were also warned by many and their own advisers that the NHS would be under extreme pressure in Winter around January .So it doesn't surprise me .What surprises me is the lack of planning like getting the Nightingale hospitals s staffed and ready. Instead they choose to blame the population for celebrating Christmas .Perhaps our biggest celebration for many .
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    True. I will look at the news later.
    I needed a break from it.
  17. (Now, I’m not personally attacking you, but this statement, negative words about gyms keeps cropping up, it really does not hold any weight as far as I’m concerned, if you want to be fit, you’ll put your heart into it........or any excuse not to go will be used to get out of it, because it is hard work.)

    You need only your own body mass to keep fit.
    The gym is the luxury version..........

    Learn a high impact body combat routine and hit that like your life depends upon your effort!

    The first few times you will be sick.......
    Granted a running machine and stepper are great units, but, squats, lunges, sit ups, push ups.......
    Who needs a damn gym?

    Even the cheapest set of dumbbells will make a difference, do all those exercises with 10kg of anything (detergent, sack of potatoes etc.) in a rucksack and you will certainly feel like you’ve had a good day down the gym!

    Good luck for 2021.
  18. Mysteron

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  19. Pedantics aside....it isn’t necessary.

    You can keep fit without a gym membership.
    I’ve done both ways......

    With gym, is ok, but they as many other places are, are certainly a place to spread infection and disease, perhaps more so within the confines of a gym, given that the virus is a particulate airborne virus, and gyms are most often hot and humid, and that humidity is everybody’s sweaty panting breath........
    And hot air holds more moisture which therefore must hold more virus.........

    Jus sayin.....

    Besides, (insert distance)Km outside is way more enjoyable than the same distance on a treadmill. No question. I can’t watch the tv outside, that’s about the only thing a treadmill has in advantage in my opinion.
    Oh, and when you hit the wall, it’s easier to get home!

    Holding a gym membership, and using your gym membership are worlds apart. That data is not representative of actual users, but merely stats of those who hold a ticket.

    Let’s look at the link....
    Your Salary Influences Your Gym Habits
    Yes, those who earn more, probably have more time to go to the gym! Joys of management!
    (And that’s a fact!)

    People Use The Gym To Pick Up Dates
    Really? I wouldn’t want to pick up any sweaty beast at a gym........but then I went with my group and we were busy entertaining ourselves.....plus I was with my now ex mrs....(not silly bollocks court case, the one before!)
    But no, what a load of...........
    I’d say you’d need to be pretty shallow, oh your body is xyz....let’s get it on.....oh, you have nothing in common with anything about me.
    The end.

    Gym Goers Likely To Eat More Chocolate
    Huh? I’m a greedy bastard, gym or no gym, I’m eating chocolate!

    If You Quit Easily At The Gym Then It Could Be In Your Genes
    Right, I pretty much said that.
    ........Any excuse to get out of it......

    Redundant Gym Memberships Outstrip Active Memberships
    See above, holding and using membership.

    Gym Membership Stats Might Surprise
    At times it feels as though everyone has a gym membership, but is this really backed up by the stats? In the United States around 45 million adults (approx. 14 per cent of the population) have a gym membership, while in the UK 4.5 million adults (approx. 7 per cent of the population) have a membership. Thought it would be more? (Direct copy from link)

    Is it a status symbol? Join the jones’

    Frequency Of Gym Use By The Average Joe
    Can’t really comment here, it’s different for each individual, I spend 40+ hours on a building site, week in week out, the gym isn’t really a necessity for me. Besides, the great outdoors is umm THE GREAT OUTDOORS!
    Unless I’m parked in a digger for a week, my body gets battered daily.

    New Year Good Intentions Never Last
    This is great, perfectly reinforcing what I say about holding a membership and USING that ticket.

    People Lie About Going To The Gym
    So that would skew the stats by a greater percentage than that already given......

    What is the point you are making with this?
    (And I’m still not attacking you! I’m standing by my point)


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