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    Upon Goloka…

    ...Upon Goloka, home planet of Sri Krishna,
    the Lord himself stood in the middle looking at beautiful trees,
    marvellous birds flying all around,
    and keeping delight in smelling trascendental fragrances,
    but something was missing....

    In a moment Sri Krishna heard sweet and surrounding melodies,
    He walked nearby a banyan tree and saw a couple of guys sitting
    and chanting...
    “There's a fog upon L.A.......”
    “Jaya Gurudeva Om, nothing gonna change my world...”

    The Lord asked them:
    “Who are you and where you from ?”
    “We are John and George and we lived in a yellow submarine....” they answered.

    The Lord laughed and said:
    “I guess I know you both.....
    Now this planet is a perfect planet.”

    Hare Krishna George , we love you,
    tell John we love him too.


    Dedicated to G.H.

    Taste of home and to be close to each other,
    We are like dew in the sun,
    But emotions that we gave to the other still remain.
    Now I know you’re playing somewhere, on a distant planet,
    And the stars, now, have something to learn.


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