Two dreams....for one meaning??

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by RambleOnRose, Jan 23, 2005.

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    OK I had a dream last week that my boyfriend died....and it was really sad, I woke up crying

    Last night I had a dream I was with this guy who really likes me....and he was pretending it was his birthday, and i went and met his family and i think in the dream we were dating

    Now this is my dilemma....I read that when you dream aout someone dying it means the end of a relationship....
    And the other guy i dreamed about basically is like *we're perfect for eachother, he doesnt deserve you* and I really like the guy

    So are my dreams trying to tell me to break up with my bf and go for the other guy?
    So confused:confused:
  2. That just means that in the parallel - nearly - dream world, you already have broken up with your boyfriend, and you already are dating the other guy. You shouldn't always harmonize the real world with the dream world, but in some instances it doesn't hurt. All in all, just do what feels right.
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    Hi RambleOnRose, let me share a thought as well.

    Dying is just changing.

    And you too are but changing, even as you are looking for images of truth and illusion that you were aware of, with the help of your dream, your tears and all those haunting, or exciting questions wrapped around.

    And now, maybe you find it is all you ... you are being just perfect for who you feel you are deeper inside your own self, while you grow and change on, and in the end this is what you wanted to know.

    That's what came into my mind when I read your post.

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