TV and ADD?

Discussion in 'TV' started by snail, Mar 8, 2008.

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    Don't you think kids today are watching way to much TV? I feel that it could of been the cause for my ADD. I watched a lot of TV as a kid. Parents should be handing their kids colouring books, or picture books instead of plopping them infront of TV's. They shouldn't be allowed to watch TV until they're around 12. A bit extreme yeah but by that time it won't be so easy to brainwash them.... Anyways I found these articles interesting. Here
    Here and

    I'm not going to let my kids watch that much TV.
  2. Sammichesftw

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    I wouldn't limit them. I would give them fun things to do outside but let them watch tv if they'd like, as long as they don't form a pattern of sitting there all day. I would probably also give them tapes of shows that were popular when I was a kid and classic movies. TV seems to suck nowadays, but I would explain to them how most of the stuff on there is unrealistic and if they want to watch it, it's their choice. If you limit them, they probably will just want to watch it more. Kind of like how my cousin was limited from candy in his house so when he came over, he used to eat all of ours.

    I was raised on tv, I was never limited with it. Once I hit about 12, I lost interest entirely and stopped watching on my own.
  3. prissbaby

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    I think you should limit your kids -- forcing them to get out and do things, or occupy themselves without a tv (or even a computer) is really healthy in my opinion. america is becoming too lazy and too overweight - fuck television.
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    when i was little we had cable, when i was about 8 my mom stopped getting it
    and we just got the channels that came in with bunnyears
    like pbs
    and i was a kid, i didnt have many friends and my mom worked all day so i never got out
    but i came home and did my homework and watched tv
    now its my choice to not watch tv
    ive just never thought it was realistic
    i mean some shows are good and funny
    but if you get too into a show
    i think thats bad you shouldnt let it influence your life, unless your taking a certain positive message from it
    i hardly ever watch tv and i havent for years now
    maybe once or twice a month i get sick of being on the computer, thats what i do most of the time and its not bad
    i mean i learn a lot from the internet i guess
    the only reason why im spiritual at all today is because of the computer really
    ive never met anybody like the people i meet on the computer
    for instance
    ive learned a lot just by watching movies and talking to people about meditation and the essence
    i dont know all how to explain it but dont force anything on your kids
    well dont ever crack down you know
    let them bend the rules
    i would explain to them why you dont want them watching tv
    and ask them to think about it
    and decide for themselves
    i think kids shows now are just retarded! i deffinately wouldnt let my kids watch that

    maybe ill get a big box that looks like a tv
    and do puppet shows or something with educational and moral values!
    HAHAHHA well at least ill be knowing that i have good intentions
    you never know about other people
  5. SkankyJesus

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    tv and weed :d
  6. phage

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    I don't think TV is the cause of ADD at all. I think its the way our society functions. We are the here and now generation with instant communication. When things take too long we lose focus.
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    I watched quite a bit of TV growing up. However I also spent a lot of time outside. Thankfully computers were not a big thing when I was growing up. Never heard of the internet as a kid. I just played this educational game on it and that was about it.
  8. HawaiianEye

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    Tv is not a problem. Computers and cellphones are big problems in this area and many others.I also am thankful when I was growing up there were hardly any home computers and NO mobile phones.
  9. )^(Leah)^(

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    hmm i dont watch tv alot, but when i had showtime, id always watch Weeds, i love that show...but i dont have showtime anymore... :-\

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