Tuntable Falls commune

Discussion in 'Australia' started by greenpurple, May 6, 2013.

  1. greenpurple

    greenpurple Guest

    I heard theres a big commune near nimbin. I mean people say theres heaps of communes but i think until you actually go and physically find them you cant judge how many. So im wondering if this commune is the real deal? anyone been
  2. Wombat96

    Wombat96 Member

    It seems nobody is telling, mate.
  3. Yogamat

    Yogamat Members

    I once watched a doco on communities in Australia (Try You Tubing it),and Im sure it featured a community in or around Tuntable Falls.Lovely footage of early 1970's hippies setting up homes in Nimbin and surrounding area's.Im not sure whether the Diggers & Dreamers website has international community listings.

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